About Amanda Jette Knox

Amanda Jetté Knox is an award-winning writer, human rights advocate and public speaker. In early 2014, Amanda’s middle child came out to the family as a transgender girl, shifting the focus of her mom’s writing career towards LGBT rights and education. A few months later, Amanda’s spouse came out as a transgender woman. It’s been two years of very big changes for this writer and her family! Amanda is the recipient of the 2014 Joan Gullen Journalism Award for Media Excellence. Her work has been featured on CBC, The Today Show, in the Globe and Mail, Us Weekly, and various other national and international publications and media outlets. In 2016, Microsoft featured Amanda and her daughter Alexis as two Canadian change makers who they believe are making a big impact through the use of technology.  Amanda lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her wife, daughter, two sons, and a coffee maker that never quits. She regularly blogs on her personal site, themavenofmayhem.com.

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