About Allison Zapata

Hello! I'm Allison, but you can call me whatever you want.

I am an expert on everything, and a professional on nothing (although, I do have a degree in Psychology). I began writing seven years ago, shortly after the birth of our first born son. The other half of the aforementioned our, however, is now an ex.

Recently divorced, I'm constantly trying to navigate my newfound single parent status, as well as my freedom. Leading up to the divorce, I felt too numb to write in my usual sarcastic, humorous tone. I was tired of being a shell of who I once was, and exhausted from pretending to be someone I never was, so I flat out gave up. Completely numb and empty, I stopped writing completely.

During those first few months after the divorce, when the boys were at their dad's, I sought solace and sanity through photographing wildlife (lots of birds!). Some days, I was the crazy girl who cried as she photographed herons building their nests together. Other days, I was the (still) crazy girl who looked as if a giant boulder had been lifted from her shoulders, and couldn't stop smiling.

And now? 

Well, when I'm not busy chasing my four and seven year old around the house, and cleaning up dog pee, I spend my time embracing the fact that I can be me again. I dove back into writing and can't seem to stop. In addition to that, my other passion continues to be wildlife photography, and writing silly, sometimes serious, stories about my furry subjects (#allisonplanet). 

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