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Alison Hill is a freelance writer, journalist, producer and BBC commentator. She’s a native of Wales, UK, where she worked as an investigative journalist for a TV series, and once went undercover with an ‘alleged’ cult. She now lives in North Carolina and in addition to all her freelance gigs, is also a SAHM - and loving it! Her producer and journalism credits include: PBS, ITV1 Wales, Channnel 4 Wales, Tinopolis and BBC Radio/TV. She’s created several documentaries and was the host of two PBS television shows. She writes for various magazines, is a contributor to Listosaur.com and also a columnist for The Eye Magazine, Wales. Alison is a self described horror aficionado and an aspiring horror novelist. She created the horror website: www.mshorror.com where she writes as Dark Ali. After being married for over 20 years, Alison feels she may know a thing or two about relationships! 

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