About Alicia Proton de la Chapelle

Alicia Proton de la Chapelle is a French, Paris-based freelance writer. She is passionate about art and loves to create links and parallels between its branches. And is also a musician and music writer.

She's very interested in people's relationship with their culture as well as with one another. When she travels, she wants to understand what defines people and brings them together. She tries to convey it through her writing.

She loves food, especially cheese, and loves to cook. She embraces her country's gastronomy for that. She's also interested in nutrition and how to be able to gather health and pleasure in a meal.

She is a feminist and enjoys tackling feminist issues that also have a universal significance. Not only a feminist point of view targeting only women.

 She has a very dark and cynical sense of humor and could definitely be the person you'd turn to if you need advice on that subject. So don't misinterpret if she sounds snobby, she's just on a dark vibe.

She dearly cherishes gin and uses empty bottles as candles. She's also passionate about penguins and named her teddy one Sissi after Empress Elizabeth of Austria.

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