About Ali Hall

Hi, I'm Ali.

I was born feet first, and I swear I hit this world running! Kindness is my superpower, and nature, trail running, and dogs are my oxygen.  

With a BSc (Hons) in Psychology with Sports science, diplomas in Sports Massage Therapy and Police Leadership, and as a UESCA coach in ultra running, I guess you can call me an expert of the body and the mind. 

I'm continually moving and grooving and am adept at reinventing myself. I ride on the winds of change, from working with camels in Australia to working as a Detective in Scotland. Right now, I'm living the dream of coaching ultra-running athletes to help them fulfill their potential.

I write ardently and vulnerably on psychology, friendship, veganism, health and wellbeing, fitness, animal rights, social justice, feminism, and personal growth. 

I am an ambassador of the childfree community. My eternal hope is that all those who want children will have them, and the wishes of those who don't want them will be respected and honored. 

I'm open to freelance writing work. Oh, and please always be kind to animals. 

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