About Alexandra Saperstein,LPC,LMFT, Portland,OR

I see therapy as a safe yet challenging space where you can create new possibilities for yourself, find healing and resolution to areas where you may feel stuck or hopeless, and move forward in your life with a much deeper sense of meaning and greater freedom.

I aim for an approach that is warm, low on psychobabble, direct yet genuine and compassionate, focused on helping you to feel better, and of course, to meet your goals. If it makes good sense to explore your history/past, I include that in our work. However, I believe very much in working in the here-and-now. I also believe that the relationship between you and I is very important, and so I make it a point to check in regularly to learn what is and isn't working for you in our time together. While I have a broad training and more than 3,000 supervised hours of counseling completed in order to get my license, I consider each experience with each client a brand new experience. I recieved my Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2003, and am licensed in both California as well as Oregon.

While I work regularly with many individuals in individual therapy, I also have extensive training as an Advanced Gottman Couples Therapist. I am in the process of completing my certification with The Gottman Institute. In case you aren't familar with them, The Gottman Institute in Seattle, Washington is the leading couples therapy and research institute in the country. It has provided me with a fantastic education in which to much better reach the needs of couples and families in my private practice in Portland, Oregon.

I fully believe we each hold within the bulk of resources we need to meet our goals, and that being perfectly imperfect humans, we all need support from time to time improving the quality of our relationships with ourselves and others. 

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