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Hi, I’m Alice Greene.

When people meet me they assume I am lucky because I am thin, fit and easily make healthy food choices and can eat normally without depriving myself. But the truth is I had to change my thinking and lifestyle to get where I am today. I grew up fat, dieted most of my life, had food issues, avoided exercises and didn’t take care of myself or my needs. I tried to get myself to do as I knew I should, so I had gym memberships, bought home exercise equipment and hired a trainer to get me to exercise and stick with a healthier diet. None of it ever lasted. Maybe this has happened to you too.

But then in my early forties I found the answer, and it wasn’t a better diet or fitness program. It was a change in mindset about food and exercise. Today I am a 11-year health, fitness and weight loss success and America’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach, teaching adults how to overcome self-sabotage, find self motivation and become their own success story in order to reclaim their health, happiness, and sexiness and feel great every day.

During my journey and from my private practice of coaching hundreds of adults, I learned 9 secrets to achieving and maintaining success that are common to others with success stories. You can get those 9 secrets and read more about my story in a Free copy of a short e-book called Feel Your Personal Best.

If you are like me, and you struggle with exercise and healthy eating by trying to follow the rules and striving to be good, there is a better way.  It is not taught by fitness or health professionals, yet it is a simple 3-step process that identifies what is really keeping you from doing as you know you should or from reaching your goals, as well as how to create easy and motivating strategies for lasting success.

To learn these 3 simple steps, download 2 chapters Free from my book: Inspired to Feel Good: Making healthy and fit choices so rewarding and liberating you never want to stop, which tells you how this process works. These 3 simple steps work to conquer emotional eating, cravings, binge eating and night eating. They also work to resolve exercise challenges, stress, soda addictions, denial and issues with self worth.

I am certified in emotional and intuitive eating and in exercise physiology. I have completed coaching programs in wellness, fitness and lifestyle fitness. As America’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach, I have uniquely blended lifestyle coaching techniques with the principles of exercise, nutrition, emotional eating, mindful eating and positive psychology to create and sustain a happier, healthier and enjoyable way of living.

And I am the author and co-author of several books, including Inspired to Feel Good, Living Free with Type 2 Diabetes, and Wake Up Women: Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy. I also co-hosted Living Your Personal Best, a talk radio show featuring healthy lifestyle success stories.

For more guidance, support or hand-holding, check out my various healthy lifestyle coaching programs. Also sign up for my monthly email, so you are notified when I announce new groups, tele-programs and events. You will get monthly tips and my free e-book that gives you the 9 Tips to Lasting Results.

I have coached adults by phone all across America who have successfully changed their lifestyles, bodies and mindset. Schedule a free one-on-one breakthrough strategy session with me that will enable you to finally have success with the way you eat, exercise or take care of yourself.

I am now in my early 50s and in the best shape of my life. You can be too!
To feeling great every day,

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