6 Surprising Benefits Of Having Sex On A Daily Basis

Get your blood pumping.

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As if you needed any more incentive to be having sex, there are actually a myriad of health benefits you gain when you regularly engage in physical intimacy with a partner.

Of course, orgasms are great, and playing with a partner is always fun, but when you routinely jump in the sack to release sexual energy, your mental, emotional and physical well-being get a much-needed boost.

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Here are 6 major benefits of sex.

1. It fortifies the immune system.

When you're having sex on a regular basis, your body naturally produces more Immunoglobulin A, an antibody that plays a vital role in the immune system's functionality.

This means your body has a better chance to fight off sickness, which is perfect come flu season. Build up those antibodies by having sex.

2. It improves emotional health.

Sex, by nature, is extremely intimate and physical. This means that you don't need to be having sex with a significant other to create an emotional connection with another person.

Love is something that often grows from sex, but it's not required to share that closeness with someone. Physical intimacy floods the brain with feel-good hormones, immediately shifting your perception of reality in a positive way.


3. You can learn to have multiple orgasms.

While most people think that only women are capable of achieving multiple orgasms, men can learn to do it as well.

The Kinsey Institute reported that about 20 percent of men and 14 percent of women have the ability to orgasm multiple times. Are you part of the lucky bunch that gets off several times?

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4. It works your body physically.

Exercise has been the clear answer to getting in shape and being healthy for decades now. It can be difficult to get motivated to go to the gym, but the motivation to have sex usually comes naturally.

When you have sex, you typically build up your cardiovascular stamina, as well as muscles in the back, legs, hips, and abdominal area. Shed a few extra pounds and improve balance by regularly having sex.


5. Practice makes perfect.

Just as with most anything in life, practicing sex on a routine basis helps you get better at it. For men, this can mean lasting longer, which, in turn, helps women achieve their orgasm.

For women, it can often mean learning how to orgasm faster or easier. Whatever your specific benefit is, two people working at sex every day will naturally become better at it.

6. It helps keep you young.

Dr. David Weeks surveyed 3,500 people and discovered that everyone reported sex as being the "most intense kind of pleasure." He also found that sex stimulates the production of certain chemicals in the body.

Routine, loving sex was seen as the second most important factor when it came to retaining youth, just behind physical and mental activity.


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