Men Are Hardwired To Choose Sex Over This Activity, Says Science

This one isn't shocking.

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Which would you choose: sex or food? The choice seems obvious. Food is a staple for living, after all.

Sure, we can survive 30 days without it, as long as we're hydrated, but without food, our brains and bodies would just deteriorate, and we would literally be dead. And let's be honest, some men already make us feel like that.

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If I had to choose between the headache that is men, and never getting the chance to have pizza again, I think it's obvious which one is better.


Yeah, cheese and gluten aren't good for you, but have you ever gone through the anxieties of wondering how a man feels about you?

If you went too far by simply texting him "Hi" in the morning? I may be the first person to say this, but ice cream will never ghost you. I will say that the food you eat after a heartbreak always tastes the best.

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According to researchers at the University of London, men are more likely to choose sex over food.

I could have told you this, in fact, if there was a third option of having women dressed in bread and bathing in mac and cheese sauce, they would choose that one.

How did they come to this conclusion? In this video produced by Eames Yates for Business Insider, researchers revealed that they had used nematode worms (also known as roundworms) to reach their findings.

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Male worm brains, according to the study, are hardwired to prioritize sex over food, and "there may be a chance" that this same mechanism also works in humans.


Researchers believe that there are areas of the brain involved in choosing between sex and food and that males have these specific neurons "that override the desire to eat." These neurons are dubbed "Mystery Cells of the Male" neurons (MCM).

I love the comparison of men to male worms, as I don't need science to tell me how similar they are.

Although this brain mechanism was discovered in worms, Professor Scott Emmons from Albert Einstein College of Medicine says that the findings "nevertheless gives us a perspective that helps us appreciate and possibly understand the variety of human sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identification."

Do men realize that food is one of the necessary things to keep us alive? That if they don't choose it, it most likely means if they choose the other option, that they're going to die. Hopefully, your man chooses food, and you two can cook together and share tacos together.


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