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Worker Reveals How She Faked A Hair Follicle Test To Land Her Dream Job

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A woman who landed her dream job was exhilarated since she would be making double her current salary until she learned that there was a catch. 

To ensure that she got to keep the job, the woman took a huge risk with the help of a colleague along the way. 

The woman faked a hair follicle drug test in order to keep her job. 

The woman named Jo (@ohhaijo), took to TikTok to reveal how she pulled off the task. 

In her video, Jo said that she decided to change gears in her career, and wound up landing a job where she would make double her current salary. “HR was like, ‘Great! Congratulations, we’d like to hire you,’” Jo recalled. However, before she was officially given the role, she was told that she would have to undergo a mandatory drug test. 



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Typically, a drug test is performed using a urine sample, which Jo claimed she had faked before. This time, however, she was required to give a hair follicle sample. 

During these tests, a strand of hair is pulled from the back of the head which can indicate if a person has used substances over the last 18 months. While Jo said she does not actively do hard drugs such as heroin and meth, she does enjoy marijuana before bed to help her sleep. 



Since she “doesn’t snitch” on herself, Jo said that she agreed to do the drug test. 

The next day, while working her shift as a bartender, Jo was chatting with one of her co-workers who she described as “an angel.” 

“This sweet angel who is talking to me, asking me if I’m getting my dream job, is also a sober Sally,” Jo said. “She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t do drugs when we go out to a happy hour, she gets herself a Diet Coke.” That’s when she came up with the genius idea to ask her co-worker to take the drug test for her, which she graciously agreed to. 

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“Mind you, we don’t look anything alike,” Jo added. She managed to find a drug testing facility run by non-government officials who would be less likely to have suspicions when a woman who looked nothing like Jo entered the building to take the test on her behalf. 



“They’re low-paid workers so they don’t [care] about who is walking through the doors,” she said. “They just need the hair.” 

Jo gave her co-workers contacts that matched her eye color along with her ID to make their performance more believable. Fortunately, their plan worked and no one batted an eye! 

Unfortunately, Jo claimed that her dream career turned into a nightmare, and it was not at all what she was expecting. 

Still, many people were impressed with her dedication and efforts. “That’s wold! Glad it worked,” one TikTok user commented. “Okay, that's hilarious. She was so brave to go in there with no hesitation!” another user noted of Jo’s co-worker. 

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Others questioned if our jobs should even have a right to know how their workers spend their recreational time off the clock, and if the fact that they use drugs was any of their business. 

Turns out, mandatory employee drug tests are less common than you might think. 

Less than 2% of jobs in the U.S. today require drug tests as a condition for employment. 

Worker Reveals How She Faked A Hair Follicle Test To Land Her Dream JobPhoto: Coztya 

Jobs that are most likely to require future employees to undergo a drug test are government positions, medical jobs, some transportation roles, teachers, and private security. These roles are ones where if an employee uses drugs, it could highly affect not only their work performance but those they work for and with. 

So, if you’re a restaurant server, clerk, or remote worker, your boss will most likely not ask for samples of your hair to test for drugs. 

Sounds like most of us are free to enjoy our recreation any way we choose as long as it doesn't impact our job performance. 

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