Women With Big Boobs Are Smarter, According To Research

Women with big breasts have higher IQs, say researchers.

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Do you have big boobs?

Then we have some excellent news for you.

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To make up for the fact that you cannot ever seem to buy a button-down shirt that stays well and truly buttoned, science has discovered that women with big boobs tend to be more intelligent than women with small boobs.

I'm kidding, obviously, nothing makes up for the whole button-down shirt debacle, but you've got to admit that this is still, all things considered pretty awesome news. 

In the 2014 study, conducted by a sociologist at the University of Chicago, 1,200 women were divided into groups based on the size of their boobs. 

All of the women took an IQ test and women with big boobs scored on average ten points higher than everyone else. 


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The joke here, of course, is that if you assume a woman with large breasts is stupid, you yourself are the one who is a big ol' dummy, yes ma'am. 

The study simply presented the information. It didn't speculate as to why the women with big boobs scored higher than the women with small boobs.

What the study did underlines the fact that women with big boobs face a huge amount of stigma from the populace at large. 

People think with women with big boobs are promiscuous, are seductresses, or that they've got sex on the brain. 

Let this study be an important reminder to us all about the way we perceive women. Instead of doing further analysis of the women, the study was fine with assuming that breast size was the only variable among the groups.


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They didn't factor in anything else.

In a sample size that small (and in science, a sample like this is considered small) it's contributing to the stereotyping we do every day just to go ahead and decide that breast size is the only thing that sets these women apart from each other. 

We look at a woman who is "sexy" and in our minds, this means that "sexy" is all she is capable of being

That couldn't be further from the truth. 

I've got boobs that are in the E to F cup size and I'm also a pretty smart lady. 


A woman, to coin a phrase, is vast. She contains multitudes. If we judged men based solely on the size of their penis or the condition of their hairline people would be outraged. But do it to a woman and it's no big deal.

Let's nip this double standard, shall we?

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