Woman's Custom Birthday Cake From Walmart Bakery Is Definitely Not What She Ordered

"Do people in the Walmart bakery department not have common sense or what?”

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It is safe to say that a woman will no longer order cakes from Walmart's bakery after receiving a head-scratching design on her birthday confection.

The woman’s experience highlights the importance of double — actually triple-checking — that the cake decorator knows exactly what message you want them to write on the cake.

The cake decorator hilariously misinterpreted the message the woman wanted on her cake.

Anam Rajani took to TikTok to warn others what could happen if they ordered their custom cakes from Walmart


Rajani specified that she wanted a two-layer round chocolate cake with white buttercream icing decorated with white crystal edible pearls around the top and bottom border.

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When asked what message she wanted on the cake, Rajani told the decorator that she wanted the words “twenty-four,” with a small cursive font in the middle of the cake. Sounds simple enough, right?

When she picked up the cake, however, she discovered that the decorator had taken her request quite literally.

The words “twenty-four small in cursive in the middle” were written across the cake. “POV: YOU ORDER A CUSTOM CAKE FROM WALMART FOR UR BDAY,” Rajani wrote in the text overlay of the video.

Many were perplexed as to why the misunderstanding happened in the first place.

Do people in the Walmart bakery department not have common sense or what?” one TikTok user commented.


“You’re kidding,” another user wrote. Others found the mistake to be hilarious and encouraged Rajani to have similar messages on her cakes in the future to poke fun at the mix-up.

However, others came to the cake decorator’s defense, claiming that they were required to copy and paste a customer’s specific message word for word onto the cake.

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“As a former cake decorator, yes, we get in trouble for not basically copying and pasting your text onto the cake,” one user shared. “If there’s a section for other notes, I’d recommend using that or calling the store after you place the order online to give the bakers more details.”  

If you place an order for a cake from any bakery (not just Walmart), you should always call to double-check with the decorators to ensure that they get your message exactly how you want it printed on the cake.

Sometimes, instructions can be misinterpreted as a message you don't want to be printed on the cake, which is not only embarrassing for the decorators but also for whoever is in charge of ordering the cake.

It can't hurt to check the decoration before leaving the bakery, as well.

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We at least hope that Rajani and her friends were able to have a good laugh about the cake fail and that she was able to enjoy her 24th birthday despite the unfortunate mix-up.

We also hope that even if the message on the cake was incorrect, it made up for it with its taste!

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