Woman Says She’d Rather Be With An ‘Ugly’ Man Who Provides For Her Than Work A Job Where She Has To Beg For A Day Off

She encourages all women not to work and instead depend on a man.

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Everyone has different priorities when it comes to what they look for in a romantic partner. Some people focus more on outer appearance, others take inward characteristics into account — and some aren’t looking at the person nearly as much as they are at their wallet.

One woman said she’d rather be with an 'ugly' man who is a provider than work.

Leticia Padua, known as Shera Seven on social media, gives women tips on how to “embrace high-value living,” according to her TikTok bio. In other words, as The Sun said, she “specializes in advising women on how to woo wealthy men.”


In a recent video, Padua read a comment from a fan who claimed to have found "a provider." However, he is ugly, and she is "embarrassed to be seen in public with him."

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Padua was incredulous. “I would be embarrassed to be seen in public at work!” she exclaimed. “I would walk into any place with an ugly old man any day then walk into a job and clock in and say, ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no ma’am’ and ‘I’m sorry I’m late’ and ‘Can I take tomorrow off?''

“I’m still gonna be cute no matter how ugly he is, and I’m gonna still have options no matter how ugly he is, but I know I ain’t gonna be working,” she continued, adding that the uglier he is, the more beautiful you will look "in contrast" standing next to him. 

Padua went on to explain why women should be fine being with ugly men. “They ain’t the prize; their money is. Their money is the goal,” she said. “I wouldn’t say the prize. The goal.”

According to Padua, no woman should have to work. All women should be financed by a wealthy man, regardless of his appearance.


Padua also offered advice for attracting a man with money.

The content creator responded to another comment from a viewer, who said they try to go places where rich men go but find it too expensive. 

“Girl, you got to get a man to pay for it!" Padua advised. "So, when you go to somewhere where rich men go, make sure you look good enough for them to pay for you.”

@shera_seven_official How to go out alone to find a rich man! Going where they’re used to go and order water or a coffee you can afford! They will gravitate towards you and offer to pay for your stuff! Just make sure sure you look good enough! Sprinkle sprinkle! #lookgoodenough #lookgoodenoughtogetyourstuffpaidbyaman #goingoutalone #goingoutalonetofindrichmen #howtogooutalone #howtogooutalonetofindrichmen #howtofindrichmen #goingouttomeetrichmen ♬ original sound - Shera Seven

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So, apparently, it is about looks — when it comes to women, that is.

“You gotta look so good men will gravitate towards you and offer to pay the tab,” she explained.

Padua truly believes that any woman can simply have their dream life by being with a rich man. She never mentioned any qualities like kindness, intelligence, or loyalty, however. Money is truly all that matters for Padua when finding a man.

While Padua’s ideas may be a bit misguided, they are not entirely wrong.

Padua may not have the best intentions when suggesting women pursue men they don’t really love or even feel attracted to solely based on their salaries. But pursuing a relationship with money on your mind may not be the worst thing you can do.


Amy Andersen, known as “The Cupid of Silicon Valley,” is a matchmaker to millionaires. Andersen told CNBC, “There’s nothing wrong with dating for money. Many people I know don’t take offense if someone admires them for their money, especially if they worked hard for it.”

@sarahbispy if you wanna date a wealthy man… this is where to find them 💸👏🏼👀 #relationships #dating #relationshiptips #datingtips ♬ original sound - Sarah Bispy

Still, not all women care about the number in their partner's bank account. “If you’re thinking this sounds like something from the 1950s," Andersen said, "know that about a third of my wealthy clients are women who are looking for love, no matter their suitor’s net worth."


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