Woman Wore Perfume Made From Her Own Secretions To Attract Men

This takes "homemade" to a whole new level.

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There’s a 2017 story going around the internet that, as a lady, I just couldn’t ignore. I’ve heard of pheromones and aphrodisiacs, but using actual vaginal secretions as such is new to me.

Apparently, a curious woman decided to use her own vaginal secretions as a perfume to see if she would attract more men. Conducting such an experiment would have never occurred to me, so I’m glad that some other clever woman came up with it.


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While I’ve been in a serious relationship for most of my life, I have tons of single lady friends who just can’t seem to get the guys that they want. Edging on the brink of 30, my single friends seem to be in a constant search for a partner who will be even relatively what they had in mind for their love lives.


It seems like my friends are always adjusting their wardrobes, and beauty routines and trying out different dating apps daily in order to attract a partner. The topic of their singleness somehow makes its way into every conversation, proving that the search is a HUGE part of their lives.

What if the answer was in their vaginas the entire time?! The idea of vagina perfume kind of blew my mind and I needed to know more.

Through a bit of research, it became apparent that vagina perfume wasn’t exactly a new idea. In fact, women have been putting their fingers in their vaginas and dabbing the moisture on their necks and wrists since medieval times.

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Others did this research too and one woman decided to experiment for herself.

Taking a perfume mixing class at the Art of Olfaction in Los Angeles, she worked with one of the teachers to create a scent that featured her very own vagina fluids. The staff gave her a whole selection of pheromone-inducing scents including vanilla, cinnamon, and other dessert-like options which she then took home to finish off with the final ingredient.

Using a long-tip cotton swab, she collected her own vaginal fluid and then stuck the swab in the perfume mixture, dabbing it on her neck afterward. Each day that she wore the mixture, she would re-do the swab extraction first.

The brave experimenter kept track of how the scent worked over a couple of days. The first night she wore it, she went on a double date to a bar with a photo booth. After taking a few silly pictures with her date, he kissed her, bit her neck, and then told her that he couldn’t help it. “It’s that scent that you have.”


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The next day, she put on the vagina perfume again and headed out to her local convenience store to get some hangover essentials. She noted that the cashier who normally never talks to her was unusually nice and even asked her how her day was.  

The third time she wore the scent was on a breakfast date with a new love interest. She couldn’t tell whether or not he could smell her, but the date went well and he asked to see her again once it was finished.

Whether or not the vagina perfume actually worked is questionable, even by the girl doing the experiment. She honestly divulged that there is no hard science behind her experiment and that she has no real way of knowing whether it worked.


However, she thinks that the whole experiment may have given her a boost of confidence that caused her dates to go much better than expected.

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