Woman Texts The Group Chat With 'Rules' For Her Birthday Party — 'No Brushing Teeth, Wearing Makeup, Or Bathing' Ahead Of Time

She didn't want any of her guests to "outshine" her.

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A woman decided to back out of attending her friend’s birthday party after she sent out a list of her ludicrous expectations for the party.

The birthday prima donna did not want any of her guests to outshine her and requested that they put their self-care routines and hygiene on hold until after her party.

The woman texted her friends with a list of outrageous rules they had to follow if they wanted to attend her birthday party.

In an X post that has been viewed over 6 million times, a woman shared screenshots of the text messages she received from her friend who was throwing a birthday party for herself.


Since her friend wanted to be the center of attention at her party, she had to ensure that none of her guests looked even remotely attractive. To do this, she requested that they skip out on showering and brushing their teeth to appear as disgusting as possible.

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“No lashes done, no hair done, no make-up done, no taking a bath,  no brushing teeth, nails cannot be done,” the birthday girl advised her guests.

“Don’t try and outdress me.” 

In a separate text message, she said that if anyone is opposed to her rules then they should not come to the party. “If you don’t like the rules, simply don’t come,” she wrote with a heart and a kissing face emoji.

She added that all guests were required to bring a gift that “must be over $100.” 


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After reading the atrocious list of party requirements, the woman who posted the screenshots decided that it was not even worth attending.

“She blocked me for saying [expletive] her birthday,” the woman revealed.

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However, the majority of commenters agreed that they, too, would not have attended the party if they couldn’t even spruce themselves up for it.

“She wants you guys to come smelly and looking homeless?” one X user commented.

“Not only am I not going to the party, but I’m also making sure she knows to never speak to me again period. Anyone who asks all this JUST to be the center of attention is not a friend to me,” another user shared.

Women who see everyone and everything as a competition are so exhausting and insufferable,” another user wrote. 

Others pointed out that the birthday girl would likely want photos taken at her party and that they would be disastrous if she did not allow her guests to shower (not to mention the stench would ruin everyone’s appetite, leaving the birthday cake to go to waste).


The reality is that you cannot and should not dictate the personal hygiene habits of your party guests just to make yourself stand out (spoiler if your guests haven’t showered or brushed their teeth, you won’t be the one grabbing everyone’s attention).

While you certainly have the freedom to choose the venue and the food that will be served at your party, you do not have the right to demand $100 gifts and refuse to allow your guests to do their hair and makeup.

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Your guests are likely not dressing nicely and curling their hair to outshine you, but are making the effort to look presentable so that they can celebrate you!

It is important to keep in mind that when hosting a birthday party, you are not doing your guests a favor. They’re doing you one.


Be appreciative of their presence and support, no matter how nice they dress or how expensive their gift was.

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