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Woman Shares The 'Unfathomable' Moment Something Told Her To Buy A Stranger Flowers

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Sometimes, it takes a little act of kindness to change the way someone is feeling. 

In this case, TikToker Lauren Holmes shared a story about how an urge to give an elderly woman flowers changed the way she views life.

Holmes explained how she received a random urge to give flowers to an elderly woman.

When Holmes was on her lunch break at work, she decided to go to a local grocery store to pick up a few items. She had a shopping list in hand and a budget in mind.

Once she walked in, a display of roses caught her attention. Although she did not intend to buy any, she was tempted. She struck up a conversation with an elderly woman who was also looking at the flowers before heading off to do her shopping.



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After she walked away, she couldn't stop thinking about a bouquet she saw that she really liked so she went back to the display but the bouquet was gone. There was another arrangement that caught her eye, however, and she suddenly had the inexplicable urge to buy them for the elderly woman she had spoken to earlier.

Woman Shares The Moment Something Told Her To Buy A Stranger FlowersPhoto: AS photo family / Shutterstock

At first, Holmes tried to dismiss the thought of giving the flowers to a complete stranger, but when she was in her car, she heard the thought again — so she acted on it.  “Obviously, I am not meant to have these flowers today.”

Surprisingly, the elderly woman’s car was right next to Holmes' in the parking lot, so it was easy to bring them to her. Upon handing her the bouquet, the elderly woman started to laugh and then cry, catching Holmes off guard.

The elderly woman explained to Holmes how she buried her husband of 30 years the week prior, but from the time they dated, all through their marriage, he would give her three yellow daisies every other Thursday. The flowers in the bouquet contained three yellow daisies and it was Thursday. 

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Holmes shared that she did not plan on going to that grocery store where she met the elderly lady, and it wound up being the ‘right place, right time.’

Holmes was originally planning to go to a grocery store near her home but was called into work at the last minute changing her plans.

“I’m sitting here in reflection about being at the right place at the right time,” she said. 

Woman Shares The Moment Something Told Her To Buy A Stranger FlowersPHOTO: Eugenio Marongiu / Shutterstock

“There are things that you are meant to do on your path that you don’t even really know about,” she thoughtfully explained. “There are unfathomable things that you don't even know.”

Small acts of kindness can change everything.

Whether you believe in fate, divine intervention, or the powers of the universe, Holmes' story is a reminder that we are all connected. Our stories weave a tapestry that's hard to see when we're caught up in our daily lives. It's the small moments, however, when they become glaringly obvious that serve as a reminder that the smallest acts of kindness — a smile, compliment, or bouquet of flowers — can change a person's life in an instant.

You never know what someone is going through or how a kind word or gesture could turn their cloudy day into sunshine.

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