Woman Refuses To Walk Her Great Dane Because He Pulls On The Leash — 'Is Throwing A Ball For 15 Minutes Instead Enough Exercise For A Dog?'

Every dog requires at least one walk a day.

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Most dog owners know that dog walks are essential for their pups to thrive. It can be tiring to take your excited pet out for a walk every day, especially if they’re a larger size, but these factors are necessary to consider before committing to a pet.

One woman refuses to walk her Great Dane due to his excessive excitement and strength, and her younger sibling has become concerned for the dog’s well-being.


The sibling took to Reddit to ask if throwing a ball in the yard with the dog is enough exercise for him instead.

The sibling made a post in the r/dogs forum, explaining that their sister got a Great Dane because she “wanted a friend and a walking partner.” However, upon discovering her dog’s overactive nature, in addition to his growing size and strength, she became frustrated by his constant pulling. 

Rather than training the pup, she chose to give up going for walks altogether. Instead, she tosses a ball around the yard with him for 15 minutes a few times a week.

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The sibling expressed their concern over this and has even stepped up to walk the dog themself when they have time. They admitted that the Great Dane does pull on the leash and “goes absolutely crazy” when they walk by another dog.

“He jumps all over the place and pulls and barks like crazy, and it's quite intimidating for other people on our walk,” they explained. “However, if he gets the opportunity to get up close to another dog, he calmly sniffs them, so I think he's just really excited to see another dog, as he doesn't have much opportunity to.”

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Based on the dog’s sensitivity to various stimulants, it’s clear that he appears to have a lot of pent-up energy from not getting enough exercise or time spent exploring outside. It’s also evident that he has not been trained properly for a dog of his breed.

The sibling has realized this and has attempted to urge their sister to take her dog out for walks more often and train him to be more manageable, but she doesn’t seem to understand the importance of this.

Tossing a ball for 15 minutes a day is not nearly enough exercise or stimulation for any dog, let alone a Great Dane.

Seeing as the sibling is a college student with a busy schedule and no vehicle, there isn’t much they can do to step in and care for the dog their sister wanted.

Sadly, it's common for pet owners to underestimate the commitment training and caring for a pet entails. It’s unknown why the sister chose to get a Great Dane over any other breed that requires much less effort, but she may face various health and behavioral challenges if she does not act soon.


According to Dogster, “Exercise is essential for any breed of dog, and it’s absolutely critical for Great Danes.”

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Because they are such large breeds, frequent physical activity ensures Great Danes maintain a healthy body weight, muscle agility, and flexibility. It also offers positive emotional, mental, and psychological benefits, like reducing stress, releasing endorphins, and enhancing feelings of happiness.


“Just like humans feel more relaxed after doing some form of physical activity, so do our four-legged friends,” Dogster wrote. “This type of enriching mental stimulation goes a long way toward staving off behavior problems.

However, if Great Dane owners don’t meet this obligation, their dog is prone to becoming overweight and developing medical conditions such as diabetes or joint problems, which can lead to expensive vet visits. Physical neglect can also lead to increased aggression toward other people and dogs and destructive behavioral patterns such as chewing on furniture and destroying things around the house.

People must consider the work and effort that goes into raising high-maintenance breeds.

Dog owners know that having a dog can be the best form of therapy and companionship, but it comes with its responsibilities and attentive care.

Often, people choose to get dogs more for their entertainment and support than for the dog’s need for a stable and adequate home. While companionship and emotional support certainly play a role in the decision to get a dog, they should not be the only factors considered. Different breeds have different needs.


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If the woman is unable to provide the proper training and care for her dog, then maybe a Great Dane was not the right choice. Dog breeds like Great Danes require a lot of attention, discipline, and activity, and her dog seems to be lacking each of those qualities to a concerning degree. While tossing a ball around with him is certainly a playful and enjoyable activity, it should not be the only form of physical exercise he is receiving.

In fact, dogs require a walk at least once a day, and certain breeds, like Great Danes, require two to three walks a day. According to PDSA, Great Danes require a minimum of two hours of exercise per day. Those short 15 minutes of ball play the woman is providing for her dog a few days a week are certainly not cutting it.


Not only are daily walks necessary for dogs to exercise and let out their energy, but they also make our dogs happy! They need to explore their environments and be exposed to other dogs, smells, and activities. 

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