Woman Refuses To Marry A Man Who Is Allergic To Her Cats — No Matter How Great He Is

Pet allergies can indeed be a significant concern for couples, and compatibility in pet ownership can play a crucial role in relationship dynamics.

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A single woman revealed that she is on the lookout for her Prince Charming.

Aside from yearning for the usual affectionate, caring, and good-looking guy, there is one requirement the woman has for her future husband, and it will have some people asking if it is even reasonable. 

The woman claims that being allergic to cats is a dealbreaker for her, no matter how great the man may be. 

Sharing her opinion to the subreddit r/AmITheBadApple, the woman in her 30s revealed that she owns two cats whom she loves more than anything. When it comes to dating, she has to make sure that her future partner feels the same way about her beloved pets and can be around them. 


Ideally, the woman’s romantic partner should not only be a cat lover but someone who is not allergic to cats. Essentially, she is not willing to rehome her cats regardless of how great a catch any future boyfriend might be.

Woman Refuses To Marry A Man Who Is Allergic To Her Cats No Matter How Great He Is Photo: Stokkete / Shutterstock 


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“Does this quality make me unattractive to potential guys?” the woman asked. “Should I just accept the fact that maybe I will have to get rid of them in order to be married?” 

The woman feels as if she is disappointing her family by placing such a high value on her cats over a potential romantic partner. 

She wonders if her expectations are unreasonable. 

Most people felt that the woman was smart because she knew what she wanted in a future relationship. 

Many of them even agreed that your pets should always come before a hypothetical partner. 


“Don't ever get rid of pets because of a potential partner. Pets are life,” one Redditor commented. “Pets are a lifetime commitment. Relationships come and go. Establishing your boundaries early on helps to weed out the unacceptable partners before any deep feelings develop,” another user noted. 

“You'd be totally in the wrong to get into a relationship with someone with cat allergies or who does not like cats … Otherwise, one or both of you will be in perpetual misery, and you will become an object of ridicule on a cat-hating Reddit,” another user wrote. 

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Others pointed out that the “perfect guy” for the woman will not be allergic to cats, and if he is, he will be more than willing to take allergy medication for her! 

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Being allergic to cats can be a dealbreaker for some couples, especially if one partner owns a cat or desires to have one in the future. 

Allergies can significantly impact the quality of life for the allergic partner, leading to discomfort, respiratory issues, and other health concerns. In such cases, couples may need to have open and honest discussions about their living arrangements and whether compromises, such as allergy treatments or keeping the cat outdoors, are feasible. 

While having allergies to animals is something that is out of our control, some people may not even consider dating someone who is not a fan of pets. 


Many of us pet owners know all too well that our animals are beloved members of our families, and dating someone who is not fond of them could put a strain on the relationship. 

Woman Refuses To Marry A Man Who Is Allergic To Her Cats No Matter How Great He Is Photo: steffyguaqueta / Shutterstock 

Similar to shared hobbies or interests, having a mutual fondness for animals can serve as a sign of compatibility and connection between partners. 


For some of us, having our partners tell us that we’re beautiful, pay for our meals, and whisk us away on vacations is how they can work their way into our hearts. 

For others, the sight of them holding our cats and dogs is enough to make us marry them! 

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