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Woman Says She 'Ruined' Thanksgiving By Forgetting To Cook The Turkey — She 'Had No Idea' That Was Her Job

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When it comes to Thanksgiving mistakes, forgetting to cook the turkey has to be the absolute most disastrous. 

But as one woman on Reddit revealed, "forgetting" as a means for revenge? Well… it's more delicious than any turkey dinner could ever taste.

The woman 'ruined' Thanksgiving by forgetting to cook the turkey after her boyfriend's mother assigned her the job... sort of.

Turkey mishaps are a legendary Thanksgiving tradition. Remember all those old horror stories from the Butterball turkey hotline? But forgetting to thaw the turkey completely or forgetting to remove that nasty neck and heart from inside is one thing; forgetting to cook the turkey altogether is a whole 'nother.

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But what about "forgetting" to cook the turkey, like… on purpose? That'd be downright diabolical, right? Of course, it would. This is precisely why this Redditor did just that, and her story has people online both hooting and hollering.

The woman's boyfriend's mother had never accepted her and repeatedly called her by the wrong name to get under her skin. 

In the post on Reddit, the woman shared how her now ex-boyfriend's former girlfriend was his high school sweetheart and was like a member of his family. As such, his mom was less than welcoming once she and him began dating.

"For the first year of my relationship his mom would call me the ex’s name," she wrote, until finally her boyfriend demanded his mom stop doing so. Instead, she began calling his girlfriend by incorrect names. 

Using fictional names for the story, she wrote that "she started calling me the wrong name. (Janet instead of Jenny). I corrected her a couple of times but she seemed to like hurting me so I ignored it." That is, until she didn't.



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Just before Thanksgiving, her boyfriend's mother suggested she make the turkey since she's such a good cook — which she 'forgot' to do.

At a family gathering, "Jenny" was chatting with her boyfriend's sister, who mentioned he'd said she was a wonderful cook. "The mom was listening," she wrote, "she then said out loud 'SURE! Why don’t we let Janet make the turkey this year?'" 

She and her boyfriend's sisters shared a laugh and then she agreed to cook the turkey, saying "That's a great idea!" She didn't tell her boyfriend what happened and let Thanksgiving roll around.

"We went to his mom’s house with the usual wine and dessert," she wrote, but no turkey. "She was shocked, everybody was shocked." As she took in their crestfallen, turkey-less faces, she delivered her final dig.

"I said 'What? I thought Janet is bringing the turkey!'" Now THAT'S how you get revenge! And boy did it work. "There was yelling, crying and then we got kicked out," she wrote, "my boyfriend is so angry with me he hasn’t talked to me since."



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People applauded her delicious scheme of 'forgetting' to cook the turkey, which ultimately led to a happy ending. Eventually.

What's great about this story is it combines the worst part of Thanksgiving — namely, family drama and insufferable relatives — with delicious, perfect revenge. And people on Reddit were definitely in the Thanksgiving spirit after reading it.

"[You're] my absolute hero," one person wrote. "This is the kind of malicious compliance I live for," wrote another. "Was it petty? Sure. Not anywhere near as petty as referring to someone by the wrong name for THREE YEARS." Can't argue with that.    

Somehow, in the end, it all worked out for the best — in an update, the woman shared that she and her boyfriend broke up over the Thanksgiving drama. But a few months later, he reached out and they rekindled — and before long he was slipping an engagement ring on her finger. 

On the downside, her boyfriend's awful mother is now going to be her mother-in-law. But on the upside, she won, and all it took was a bit of gumption, a lot of pettiness, and a ruined turkey dinner to do it.

And every Thanksgiving from here on out will surely be all the more delicious because of it.

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