Woman Canceling A Trip After Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend Gets An Unexpected Response From American Airlines

The American Airlines agent had some unsolicited opinions to share, but it led to a brilliant revelation.

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The only thing worse than going through a breakup is having to cancel the upcoming plans you had prepared together.

After calling American Airlines to cancel a trip, Kirpa Sudick was surprised by the response she received upon explaining her circumstances.

Sudick shared the unexpected opinion an American Airlines employee said to her after calling to cancel a trip she planned to go on with her ex-boyfriend. 

In her video, Sudick explained how she was recently going through a breakup with her ex-boyfriend, and they had a trip to Portugal planned. Sudick didn’t elaborate on the reasons behind her breakup or how long they had been together, but given the circumstances, she decided to call American Airlines to cancel the trip.


Upon calling their customer service number to evaluate her options and see if she could be refunded for the trip or receive flight credit, Sudick said a "lovely" woman named Keisha answered.



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After explaining her situation, Keisha looked up Sudick’s flight details and offered an unexpected reaction.

“Oh, honey,” the customer service agent said. “This trip’s all the way in September. You really had high hopes for this relationship. Better that you learned and figured this all out now than later.”

Sudick was taken aback, and a little embarrassed, by the woman’s brutally honest response. 

Many perceived Keisha’s response to be a token of advice from a place of tough love.

While Keisha's response was unsolicited and could have been interpreted as rude by some, the woman offered a sentiment of authenticity that is hard to come by these days. TikTokers in the comments praised the woman for "keeping it real."


Keisha's response was blunt, but she also commended Sudick for realizing her worth before wasting time and money on a trip to Europe with someone who wasn’t meant for her.



“Keisha is the auntie who don't lie to the babies,” one person wrote in the comments. “Keisha is always gonna keep it real! You got a friend for life!” someone else commented.

Sometimes, relationships don’t work out, and Keisha’s advice pointed out Sudick’s ability to walk away from something that wasn’t serving her. If anything, her advice could be interpreted as a recognition of strength.


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Upon further consideration, Sudick shared how she decided to go on the trip by herself.

Rather than canceling something she was already preparing for, Sudick decided she would take advantage of this rare opportunity and make the most out of it.

“Go by yourself and enjoy!” someone shared in the comments. “That’s what I did, I had a trip planned to London, went anyways and [met] someone while there and he took me on a date to Paris.”

Who knows? Maybe she’ll have a better time than she would have had with her ex.

In fact, in a recent post on TikTok, Sudick shared her newfound excitement to be single and unbothered, now that she can have her own space and freedom, without the stress or weight of an unfulfilling relationship.




Breakups are never easy, and it doesn’t help that having high expectations can often lead to disappointment.

What was meant to be a vacation for two partners to connect with each other is now going to be a solo trip of self-discovery and adventure, and that’s a pretty amazing alternative.


There’s no better way to heal from a breakup than venturing out on an experience alone in a different country to explore other cultures, meet new people, and find yourself.

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