What Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink Says About Your Hidden Personality Traits

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Every woman has that one drink: that alcoholic beverage of choice that automatically assures her that she will have a good time. The cocktail is certain to turn the night from drab to fab. That boozy drink that she always requests from the sex she is most attracted to when they ask what she's having.

Because of this, it is possible for people to learn about your specific personality type, traits, and characteristics based on your favorite type of alcoholic drink.

Is your favorite drink related to your personality?

You may think this is all folklore and myths, but there's actual proof that we may draw inferences from what people drink that are accurate. So the drink you indulge in or what you prefer to drink could give people a glimpse into your personality — without you even knowing.

However, it's not a complete snapshot of one's personality. People are 3-dimensional humans with complex lives and personalities. But it's still fun to see what your drinking preferences reveal about you.

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To clue you in more about who you are, no matter your sex or gender, here are popular cocktails and alcoholic beverages, and what your go-to bar drinks say about your most deeply hidden personality traits.

What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

1. Margarita

If your favorite drink is a margarita, you're most likely that girl who can eat and drink whatever she wants and not gain weight.

The margarita girl is the life of the party. You love tequila, yet you don’t want people to think you're a mess for drinking it. Summer is your favorite season and you love how a strawberry margarita matches your pink outfit.

You're a social butterfly who likes to make friends. You're very extroverted and love your individuality.

You like things fruity, a bit on the wild side, and you can handle a brain freeze. Now, let’s hope you can handle your liquor.

2. Vodka Cranberry

Everyone goes through a stage when they are a vodka cranberry girl. This type of girl is bubbly and fun.

You're naive, sweet, and often taken advantage of because of it. You're either new to drinking or just like the buzz of alcohol but hate the taste. Your friends always told you a vodka cranberry is a safe drink that always equals a good time.

You like to follow the crowd and keep up with the trends, but you don't get too trendy. You may not have enough money to afford something fancy, and since this drink is often a special at the local watering hole, you gravitate toward it.

Vodka cranberry girls rarely stay vodka cranberry girls forever, though. It's a great starter drink that is dependable and will lead you to explore other drinks and adventures in due time.

3. Mojito

You probably went somewhere tropical when you were younger, like Mexico or the Caribbean, had your hair put into those tiny little braids, and have always wanted to drink things that are fresh, clean, and obviously minty.

You freak out if you get a crease in your freshly dry-cleaned Calvin Klein dress, and wish that you could be granted an unlimited shopping spree at Tommy Hilfiger.

You don’t care that mint is not in season in the winter, or that this drink is difficult and taxing to make. You know how to escape from the ordinary and be transferred to another world when you drink this drink. You're cool and adventurous.

You like the way "mojito" sounds rolling off your tongue when you order it. You know what you want and you’re picky. You aren’t persuaded to order a simple drink just because of the long line behind you.

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4. White Wine

You're someone who wants and even needs to feel insanely classy. You don’t mess around with your consistency.

No bartender can possibly mess up a glass of wine. It’s a very safe bet. You like how your favorite drink has options, too. You can pick a sweet wine, spicy wine, or dry wine. Much like wine, your personality has many sides. You have a sweet side, a wild side, and a mean girl side.

You're curious, sarcastic, and just a bit of a perfectionist. You get offended when a bartender responds white or red after you order Sangria or Moscato. Wine girls (especially when they started young) often stay wine girls for a long time.

5. Red Wine

You're confident, strong, and dedicated. You’ve spilled your wine on yourself several times — and you're OK with that. In fact, you have given up wearing white around dinner time and had your gorgeous white couch covered in a deep red to accommodate for spillage.

You have zero shame in carrying a wine glass around the bar and feel classy and elegant when you do. You don’t care if a bartender has to open a whole new bottle of wine for your glass.

You're adventurous but love order and organization. They can also be incredibly blunt. You think things get better with age, so you may be anything from a college smarty to a married professional with three children and a house in the suburbs.

6. Vodka and a Chaser

You either just started college or want to be in college again. Perhaps you remember times when you drank vodka out of water bottles and you want to relive the old, carefree days.

You want so badly to be a rebellious vodka drinker, yet you're falling short. You stay stuck in the past and may focus on staying young. You're forever stuck in the middle space between sweet and sexy, funny and serious, and outgoing and shy.

You're impressionable and a slight pushover. Save yourself the embarrassment of taking that shot of juice and just go get yourself a mixed drink. You’re not in college anymore. Recognize that you’re getting older, and order yourself a mixed drink or ditch the shot of juice.

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7. Martini

You look very fancy drinking this drink. It will set you apart from the beer drinkers at the bar — and even from the wine drinkers. You don’t mind paying $10 for a drink, and those little olives at the bottom serve as an awesome snack come midnight.

You want attention and are in a league of your own. People don’t approach you because they assume that you think you're too good for them or that they are inferior to you.

You're mysterious, clever, and attention-seeking. You may have money, but you'll probably end up lonely at the end of the night wondering why nobody is approaching you.

8. Domestic Beer

The domestic beer girl is a football fan and one of the guys. You don’t care about your appearance, looking bloated or burping.

You like to play it safe and know that beer won't get you too intoxicated. You're waiting for a guy to come over to you and say, “Hey, look! You’re drinking Natty Ice, too? We must be soulmates!” Which is never going to happen.

You're stubborn and determined and value stability. Though beer is great, it may not be the best option if you're looking to take a guy home.

9. Rum/Whiskey and Coke

You're trying to disguise the taste of your alcohol, obviously. This is a drink people order when they're younger because it's so easy to quickly slip some rum or whiskey into that Coke at a family party.

Of course, it's possible you just love this classic. Everyone loves a good rum and Coke. Or, you may have no idea what you're doing, and it’s just a simple drink to remember.

You're methodical and honestly pretty complex. However, you're also willing to get rowdy now and then. Order this drink at a bar and you will give the impression of being safe, not a thrill-seeker, and overall easy-going.

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10. Gin and Tonic

You're a no-frills type of person. You're simple and have no drama. You hate fruity drinks and despise those girls who run around on Thursday nights with those blue shots that taste like juice.

You don’t mind sticking with a classic and respected drink. You’re comfortable with that and with your life. Men will approach you because you seem like a stress-free type of person. You will probably get friend-zoned because you aren’t one to make impulsive decisions.

You're probably labeled the "cool one" in your friend group. You may be known as a hipster and seem mysterious to strangers.

You know what you want in life and are not distracted by prettier and more appealing alternatives. You're a dedicated and committed individual, with a plan that you will likely accomplish soon.

11. Irish Cream

Also known as the "orgasm" drink, if you order this drink, you're desperately looking for some action and waiting for a guy to ask you what you're drinking. You may not know what’s in that drink, but you enjoy the taste and, of course, the name.

You're a sophisticated girl who likes to indulge in the luxurious and smooth taste of a Bailey's Irish cream. Your taste for the finer things in life portrays you as someone who is elegant.

You're sociable, love to spend time with your friends, and have an adventurous spirit. You're also romantic and prefer to stay home in comfort than go out on the town.

12. Jager Bombs or Vodka Red Bull

You're one of those unpredictable girls. You're an absolute wild card and people appreciate you because you're often the one that gets things started. You have a ton of energy and like to be bouncing off the walls — a blast in a glass.

You don’t care about the possible repercussions of mixing alcohol and caffeine, and quite enjoy the buzz that the combination gives you. You probably work a lot of hours and need the caffeine to stay up past your 10:30 p.m. weeknight bedtime.

You tend to embarrass yourself and your friends from time to time, but you really don’t care. Everyone knows you're in the room the second you step in and remembers you because you did something crazy last week.

13. Long Island Iced Tea

Chances are you're either a one-and-done kind of girl, you hate the taste of alcohol, you spend your summers in the Hamptons, or you want to test your limits with that guy who just offered to buy you whatever drink you want.

You know what you want and you often get your way. You may be bossy and are probably used to ordering people around and having people follow you.

You get things done and you never back down from a challenge. You're driven and focused.

You will likely become a boss or some sort of CEO if you aren't one already. You don’t care that these drinks take forever to make or that there's enough alcohol in them for 5 people.

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14. Grey Goose

Much like Long Island iced tea girl, you know what you want. You either grew up wealthy or your friends were all wealthy, so you have expensive taste and know that not everyone can keep up with your lifestyle.

You may be a little entitled only because you know your worth. You're confident and blunt. You don't beat around the bush and never wait around for someone.

You probably are wearing a Michael Kors watch and a pair of designer sandals. You know your engagement ring will someday cost well over $7,000 and your wedding dress will be a Pnina Tornai custom design.

You get your own way often and aren’t afraid to put people in their place. You're a bit judgmental and people kind of dislike you, but everyone loves you at the same time.

15. Tequila Shots

You love being the center of attention and adore anything that will take the edge off. You may have trouble learning your limits... or sticking to them. You don't stop at one drink. You drink to get blackout drunk and make some memories that you'll probably forget the next morning.

You're fiery, sassy, and strong. You don't back down from a good time. You're the girl that every guy in the bar wants to take home.

A true tequila shot girl knows how to handle her booze and the morning after that inevitably follows. A fake tequila shot girl would just be puking in the bathroom 10 minutes later.

You're a sassy firecracker who knows how to have a good time. You may be compensating for insecurity, drinking, and going home with guys to distract yourself from what's really bothering you, but you're having fun nonetheless.

You're the bartender’s best friend — a quick and easy order brings more people into the bar.

The Bottom Line

Love what you love and drink what you desire. Don’t just change your signature drink based on an article you read about what it could be saying about your personality!

This is a light-hearted, fun analysis of what your signature drink may be saying about you. Some people drink tequila shots just because they like the taste, and some people drink domestic beer because it’s cheap and easy to get on tap at the bar.

Have fun and drink what you want to drink. Most importantly, always remember to stay safe and know your limits.

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