What It Means If You're Craving Milk

6 reasons why you are craving a tall glass of milk.

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Sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a glass of milk. You have a nice big fresh chocolate chip cookie maybe, and milk is the only answer. Or maybe you've just poured yourself a strong cup of black coffee and need just a little something to cream it up. What better than milk?

Or maybe you're like my roommate who starts and ends every single day with a big ol' glass of milk simply because it's what she's always done. Whatever the reason, sometimes milk is the obvious and only choice.


However, you might find yourself wondering you're having cravings for milk.

I am not a huge milk person, unless you count my coffee. So if I were to ever wake up dealing with a major craving for the stuff, chances are something would be slightly amiss.

It turns out I'm not the only one. Lots of people find themselves craving milk all of a sudden, and according to the wonderful world of science, there's actually a few different reasons for it.

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Let's break them down, shall we?

What Means If You're Craving Milk

1. You may be craving sugar.

You think you want a glass of milk, but that's not actually what's going on. Instead, your body is all about getting some sugar. It makes sense since cow’s milk (whole, 2%, and skim) has 12 grams of sugar per cup.

You need this simple sugar to help keep your gut bacteria healthy, and it's actually not a bad way to get the sugar that you crave.

2. You may have a vitamin deficiency.

Milk is boss. It's known as a highly complex food since it contains most of the nutrients required to keep humans happy healthy, and, you know, alive!

It's riddled with vitamin A, vitamin B-12, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, so the next time you're craving milk, it might mean you aren't getting everything you need in your diet.


3. You may have eaten something spicy.

If you just chowed down on something super spicy, chances are you're feeling like you could go for a glass of milk. That's not just a random occurrence. Milk has fat in it, which means it can temper the burning caused by capsaicin, the chemical that makes spicy things, well... spicy.

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4. Your body may have gotten used to expecting it.

Foods that have the magical (and terrible for you) combination of fat and sugar can activate pleasure centers in the brain. When you suddenly stop giving your brain that fun sugar-and-fat tingle, it goes into withdrawal.

While milk doesn't have as much sugar in it as, say, a mountain of candy, it's got enough to get hooked.


5. You may be hungry.

If you're craving milk and the other items on this list don't feel right, ask yourself: Do I feel hungry? Well, do ya, punk? Because, as we mentioned, milk is a complete food, and it's a quick way to curb hunger pains. So before you chug away, make sure you're not just famished first.

6. You may be thirsty.

Guess what? Milk is 87 percent water. You know who needs water to live? You, probably. Unless you're an alien reading this to pass the time while you destroy Earth. Though that's probably unlikely.

It's easy to confuse a thirst craving with a specific craving for milk. But if it's truly water that you crave, go for a glass of water.


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