5 Weird Things You Can Tell About A Man By His Driving Style

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How do you and your partner spend time on the road? It's pretty common for couples to at least bicker when it comes to travel and driving, whether it's about directions, where to stop on a road trip, or whether to listen to music or NPR.

But are your car arguments reflections of larger issues you have with each other? Well, maybe, but then again, maybe you just need to compromise and turn down the music.

See what his behavior is like when you're driving together because it could indicate something negative about his personality — and see if you detect any of these behaviors in yourself.

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Here are 5 weird things you can tell about a man by his driving style:

1. He has road rage, yells, and curses at other drivers, or he drives too fast

This could mean he has a lot of pent-up frustration to release in his everyday life and he just needs another outlet to release it.

But road rage is not the way to go about handling frustrations. Try talking to him about it and encourage him to start a new hobby as a way to release his pent-up frustrations.

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2. As soon as he gets behind the wheel or in the car, he gets quiet and doesn't seem to want to talk to you

Maybe he's singing along to the music, but he's definitely tuning you out. Don't worry, this could just mean he has an otherwise hectic lifestyle and needs a respite from the madness.

People unwind differently, and, for him, driving could bring him relaxation. But he should not be rude to you and flat-out ignore you. If he wants quiet, he should just ask.

You should never be in a position where he treats you badly just because he wants to relax. Say something to him and make your worries known to him. He may not even realize what he's doing.

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3. He suddenly feels the need to talk about relationship issues

He's had some problems on his mind for a while and sees the car as a good place to discuss them since, there, you're confined in solitude together.

This isn't necessarily a cause for alarm — some couples use long car trips for talking about long-standing issues, and it works for them.

Just make sure the conversation is productive and goal-oriented, rather than angry and accusatory. No raising your voices.

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4. He suggests you drive more than he does

He's happy taking a backseat in the relationship and letting you be in control. 

5. He drives too slowly or stops too often at rest stops

He could be indecisive about life, and not goal-oriented about where he's going. Driving slowly could mean he's careful, but it could also mean you won't get to your "destination" as fast as you'd like.

This is a guy who needs a lot of positive encouragement.

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