The Top 10 Lies Women Tell Men

There's a reason she might lie to you.

Last updated on Apr 23, 2024

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People can have more layers of lies than an onion. So many people will mean the opposite of what they say. Sometimes, lies can grow, especially on the subject of intimacy. Do not worry. People lie every day. So, I would like to share some of the top lies women might tell men.

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Here are the top 10 lies women tell men.

1. "I’ve slept with [X] guys."

Maybe she is just making things up, or she is well-experienced. This could be to attract your attention or gauge your trustworthiness. Some women lie about their number of intimate partners to gauge your reaction and see if you are going to be a problem. Often, women hide the truth from new men to protect themselves. To increase the possibility of her trusting you, you must be truthful, respectful, and authentic.


2. "That was great."

Listen, nobody is pointing fingers. Most of the time, bad intimate experiences are a no-fault proposition. However, if it is not great for her, she might not be willing to enlighten you. Whether she is just not that into it, or she is just not that into you, it is hard for many women to be open about telling you how to pleasure them if the experience isn’t good. You need to pay attention to her body language.


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3. "I will never cheat on you."

Do you recall that show on the VH1, Tough Love: The Couples? What was the primary cause of the screaming fights? Spousal cheating. Alternatively, to be more specific, lying about cheating. It is not easy to tell somebody when you have messed up. The fallout can be brutal. So, to avoid a potentially dangerous, high-conflict situation, some women will choose to lie.

4. "I weigh [X]."

Here’s the real thing. Why are you even asking this question in the first place? Focusing on her body shows objectifying motives. Of course, she will probably lie. Why tell the truth to someone who shows signs they don't respect you?

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5. "Sure, you can always call me."

Sometimes, when a woman is face-to-face with a dude, and he’s asking her out on the first or second date, it is challenging to say no. Women know it is safer to be nice to guys, so they will be cautious about how they say no. They don’t want to put themselves in harm's way. They will tell you to call them, but this will be the last time you see them. She didn't trust you.

6. "I’ll be ready in a minute."

It is not a full lie. She most likely wants to be ready in a minute, but one thing can lead to another, and a minute becomes ten. She probably means she is doing her best to get ready as fast as possible, and would you please wait? Patience goes a long way in a relationship, and if you are waiting to go out on a date and get impatient, neither of you will have a good time. Maybe, taking a few more minutes to pay attention to your grooming or clothes while you wait for her would help.

7. "I don’t know."

They know. If they are going to get into an argument on a particular topic, some will say, "I don’t know," yet they most likely know the answer. Most of them use this phrase when avoiding men’s questions. Next time she tells you, "I don’t know," you should understand she has an answer. But they might not trust you enough to let you know their decision.


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8. "That was delicious!"

If you cook, they might not care as much about how it tastes as the fact you cooked for them, so they will tell you, "That was delicious!" It is called positive reinforcement. But she will likely tell you they love it and keep going when it is good.

9. "I’m fine."

When a woman tells you she is fine, something is probably bothering her. You should pay attention to her body language to help you know whether she is OK or not. This means you need to be attentive enough to understand her mood based on her words and actions. You must communicate with her about uncomfortable topics as well as the fun stuff.



10. "It was on sale."

It was not. Deal with it. People make their decisions, it's not your right to judge her.


These top 10 lies should help men understand women better, especially if the guys are doing things to cause a lack of trust and safety.

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