9 Tiny Ways To Rekindle Your Life Flame If You’ve Been Feeling Flat

Don't let life steal your spark.

Woman rekindling her flame by spending the day doing nothing Stephanie Berbec | Unsplash

If you have periods where you’re not your energized self, welcome to the experience of being human. The first step in moving past your slump is accepting that it’s normal. Beyond this, these are some actions that helped me a great deal.

Here are 9 ways to rekindle your flame if you've been feeling flat:

1. Do something hard you know you need to do

I’ve learned to be guided by my energy levels over the years. Something vital we often miss is that when we feel down or flat, it’s more often than not an indication that we’re not taking courage where we need to. We’re neglecting something important. Our spirit slowly dies when we turn away from what we know we should do. What are you ignoring? Take a small step in that direction and notice your energy returning.


2. Take the pressure off

I can bet you’re struggling more than you need to because of…you. We all make our lives more serious than it needs to be. Self-pressure via critical thoughts is the most common way we sabotage our progress and choke off our joy. We entertain thoughts of what we ‘should’ do, which makes us stressed, blocking off our energy flows. Do what needs to be done, as we discussed in the previous point, but don’t allow those things to bring you pressure. Either act assertively on one thing or let go of the continual beratement.

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3. Read a book you wouldn’t usually read

Get to the library and pick out a book from a section you wouldn’t usually touch but is interesting nonetheless. Read a few pages. What opportunities might this new perspective bring? How do these new pieces of knowledge inform a new, refreshed trajectory as you move forward? How could you combine what you learned with what you now know innovatively? Now you’re smashing seemingly separate ideas together into something fresh. You’re a creator. This is energizing.

4. Follow your inclinations

Most of us run around from one thing to the next like a pinball, responding to everyone else’s ideas but our own. You react to this and that, never stopping for a moment to listen to your internal voice. You’re anxious and running on adrenaline. Slow down and allow your mind to still. This is where your most profound wisdom is found. Here, your tiniest inclinations will guide you to what is worth doing. Listen to those sparks of self-generated excitement — they hold the most promise for you.

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5. Spend a day doing nothing

I bet you just had a moment of pure relief in seeing that this is even possible. This is not possible for everyone, but do whatever is the next best. Allow yourself a solid portion of time — a half-day, a weekend — to do nothing. You’ll probably find that you can’t last an hour, and you’ll see that your enthusiasm comes back effortlessly just because you stopped trying to do anything for a moment. You may find the ‘trying’ was the culprit all along.


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6. Write an opportunity list

This quick activity rarely fails to energize me. Most of us don’t give this kind of thing the time of day, but it can make a huge difference. Have fun brainstorming a fat list of all the opportunities you can think of for your life in the months ahead. This act puts you in the driver’s seat and gets you thinking creatively. Creative thinking is the opposite of reactive, victim-based thinking that characterizes people who experience long slumps. What’s possible? What is exciting? Go further than sensible or ‘reasonable.’ What would the most confident, fearless, energized version of you choose to do?

7. Take 5 tiny actions

I know from a lot of struggle that when I feel stuck and overwhelmed, it’s because I have a vision in my mind of a frightening future. We can exhaust ourselves with the scale and size of everything we feel we ‘should’ do next. We see needing to climb Everest instead of walking to the next tree a few feet away. Of course, we don’t want to move. So envision your trees. 5 tiny actions. Write them down. What are five super-easy steps you can do today? This is how you take responsibility again and create momentum. Soon you will be on the top of the mountain without realizing how easy it was.


8. Go on a two-hour walk

Walks rule. They get you out of your head and into your physicality and surroundings. This stills the mind so that you connect with resourceful insight effortlessly. When I’m stuck or low, I walk. I no longer see long walks as a ‘nice option.’ Like Charles Dickens, who would walk five hours a day, I see them as a regular necessity. Short walks solve 54% of your problems. Long walks solve 89% of your problems.

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9. Find a mentor

Few can do it all alone in whatever you’re looking to do. You’d be crazy to try to take everything on by yourself without any guidance. I’ve lost years of my life building things that failed because I didn’t take the time to ask someone who did it how they did it. 


Finding a mentor doesn’t necessarily mean forking out thousands for a coach, though this can help propel you with the right person. You can identify people who could help, find a way to help them collaboratively, and forge win-win relationships. Why make endless mistakes when you can talk to people who already made those mistakes and have them show you the way? Find one person to speak to today, and ask.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.