9 Tiny Shortcuts That Will Instantly Make Life So Much Easier

Finding some things in life difficult? Take these shortcuts.

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I’m often the first to yell from the rooftops about how there are no shortcuts in life or work.

And this is true for 99.9% of things.

But I was chilling in a hammock recently, looking up at the clouds, reflecting on my 37 years on this planet.

I was struck by a thought.

I have taken some shortcuts. I mean, they’re kind of shortcuts. They certainly made life far easier for me and saved me potentially years of pain.


What were those ‘shortcuts?’

Here are 9 life shortcuts that will instantly make life easier:

1. Learn directly from someone who has done something similar to what you want to do.

You can avoid the mistakes they made and make time.

Find a mentor in person or via their books and courses.

2. Eliminate brain fog food.

You are slowed greatly by insulin-spiking foods like bread, refined sugar, and pasta.

Nutrient-dense food that leads to a more stable mood like steak and eggs is a performance cheat.



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3. Outsource as much as you can.

Anything anyone else can do that you don’t need to do — outsource.

Brainstorm a list of things you can pay others to do, often for a small fee. Use sites like Fiverr and Upwork to find supportive talent.

4. Simplify everything.

Many of us make life harder because there’s unnecessary complexity in the things we own, our systems, and our communications.

Many of us struggle because others misinterpret us.

Making things easy for others makes our lives easier too.

5. Copy.

Copying other people is underrated because we associate it with plagiarism.

But as long as you put your spin on something, copying something that has worked for someone else most likely will ensure a similar level of success for you.


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6. Exercise every morning.

Most people view exercise as a tedious chore.

I see it as tapping into an energy resource that feeds me through the day.

7. Pay to play.

Grant Cardone introduced me to the power of investing money into your business’ growth.

Pay to join communities, and masterminds, and gain access to the bigger players.

Put everything you can afford into growing your network.

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8. Do more with less.

Wise people are continually asking:

‘How can I do more with less today?’

You must be ruthless if you want to see gains.


This means saying no to more things so that you see results that multi-taskers will never experience.



9. Be intolerant to worry.

So many of us lose hours of our days spent worrying.


Just say no.

It only makes us feel worse, which is the last state you want to be in to be a high performer.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.