21 Tiny Pieces Of Business Advice That Can Keep You From Ever Being Fired

How to be secure in your job.

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Take it from me, I've helped dozens of people get jobs, change careers, and learn to play well in the proverbial work sandbox. Success is something that comes naturally to some but takes more time to develop in others. If you want to know how to not get fired (and be successful instead), here are 21 pieces of business and career advice on how to be successful, so you can elevate and accelerate your career.


Here are 21 pieces of business advice that'll keep you from ever being fired:

1. You should not have to be told "good job" to do your job

You were hired and are getting paid to do a "good job."



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2. Your reputation enters a room long before you physically do

Make sure it is something you are proud of.

3. Publicize your work

No one is going to do it for you.

4. Speak for yourself

You are your own best advocate. No one can speak about you better than you can.

5. Don’t compromise your values for any job or any person

If you feel like you need to, it won’t be a good fit. 

6. You haven’t met your best self yet

You never stop growing.

7. If it has your name on it, be prepared to stand behind it

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8. Always leave a meeting with another connection in place

9. When you talk, make it meaningful

People will take you more seriously.




10. Learn how to be a salesman

Even if you aren’t selling a product, you are always selling your ideas.

11. If people gossip with you, they will gossip about you

12. Never feel too comfortable

If you are, it should be a clue that you aren’t trying your best.

13. Never present a problem without offering a solution

14. Everyone is replaceable

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15. People can take everything from you but your knowledge

If you continue to learn and grow, you will always have something to fuel yourself with.

16. It’s good to put yourself in situations where are you uncomfortable

The more often you are uncomfortable, the more often you will build confidence in yourself and have the opportunity to grow.

17. You may know a lot but not get anywhere

It doesn’t matter how much you learn if you don’t take those lessons and implement them.

18. Say what you mean and mean what you say

Authenticity and integrity are key in the workplace and personally.

19. Your title doesn't matter

If people are following you, you are a leader.


20. Don’t plan every move

If you do, you will be disappointed and you will miss out on what opportunities authentically come up in your life. Don’t miss opportunities because you have a one-track mind.

21. Business is about relationships

Build them, don’t burn them.

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Gretchen Hydo is a certified professional coach, keynote speaker, nationally syndicated advice columnist, and thought leader.