10 Tiny Hacks To Make Your Day Go Smoother

Instantly turn your day around.

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It needn’t take much to turn your whole day around. Like a little nudge to get you back in a straight line. Understanding what nudges to make can change the whole trajectory of your year. Here are some ways a subtle shift in our choices can lead to less resistance, more leverage, and more enjoyment in our day.

Here are 10 tiny hacks to make your day go smoother:

1. Determine your next 3 priorities

Ah, there’s nothing quite like a bit of awareness. And you didn’t need to wait for it. You decide what matters, and now you know what to do.


2. Get moving

You’re likely in a rut, not because your life stinks, but because you’ve been sprawled on the sofa and haven’t moved in 3 hours. Get up and shake it like Elvis.

3. Be like a wise forest owl and meditate for 5 minutes

Switch from your thoughts to awareness. Mindfulness paves the way for such a transformation. Allow your mind to unravel itself. You’ll feel better, and you might find solutions to challenges flowing into view.

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4. Stand up, look in the mirror, and refuse to be a victim

A lot of our struggles are born out of a victim mentality that has everyone else but you to blame. Pull on your adult pants and take ownership of everything. I mean it. This is empowering.


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5. Forget about yourself and think about how you can help

We can get depressed in a self-conscious ‘woe is me’ state. It turns into a cycle. Break it by reaching out to help someone else. Your whole state changes.

6. Spend one minute on a task you’ve been avoiding

Just one minute. Who knows, maybe once you’ve got a feel for it, you find you can keep going. Perhaps to completion? Either way, there are no expectations. You just need to spend a minute on it.


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7. Draw up a list of cool things you want to do

What are some exciting opportunities in your life right now? Why did you allow them to slip into the cracks? They’re still on offer for you. Stop creating excuses for why you can’t enjoy at least a handful of these. You design your life.

8. Do the thing you want to do

We can be hard on ourselves and create pressure to avoid those things we want to do. But you’re not a child, and you only live once. Do the thing. If it’s harmful, bring in more consciousness. The only reason you continue bad habits is because you’re not aware. You fall into it. Use this opportunity to see things from the intelligent side of you. Is it worth it? If so, go for it.


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9. Tidy up for five minutes

Just commit to a short stint of tidying up. Get rid of the clutter. There’s no second-guessing here. You’re doing it. It will get you moving and into your body. This is you starting to take responsibility and the identity shift that comes with it.

10. Reflect on everything you like about yourself

Sound selfish? That’s because we’re all conditioned to think mostly about what we dislike in ourselves. It’s why we’re all so anxious. But how about you give yourself a moment to enact some deep self-empathy and understanding for a change? Revel in this, and see your day take a new, positive turn.


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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.