7 Tiny Habits Of People With Insane Amounts Of Energy

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A lot of people espouse the importance of time management. But I’ve always found this uninspiring and impossible to follow. What I found over years of figuring this stuff out, was that managing one’s energy is way more powerful. At least, focus on optimizing your energy first — as foundational. If you can cut out the stuff that drains your energy and boost those things that do, your time management tends to sort itself out. You become unstoppable.

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Here are 7 tiny habits of people with insane amounts of energy:

1. They spend a lot of time in physical motion.

How energized we feel is inextricably tied to how aligned we are with our natural behaviors. Humans are not built to handle a modern, sedentary, ginormous butt-in-seat lifestyle. This is the main reason why everyone’s depressed these days. Energized people do as our bare-chested ancestors did, and they keep moving. To be honest, I believe we’re all nomadic at heart.

Continually moving. Motion and exercise get the blood pumping and keep endorphins (happy chemicals) high. You can’t "positively think" your way to a good mood. You must dedicate a large chunk of your day to moving, even if it’s a walk.

2. They have simple routines.

The world can be a complicated environment, and complexity requires increased brain processing. This inevitably uses up significant energy resources. So, when we actively cut the unnecessary, reduce our options, and keep our lives and routines simple, we have less to focus on. We can put more energy toward fewer things, which improves our performance in all areas, and we simply get better at life.

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3. They reduce processed-anything

Processed food is bad for us and slowly makes us ill. No processed alternative’s any better.



Cut it out. The body despises manufactured stuff like bread, alcohol, hotdogs, and cake. It may feel good to slam down a couple of Twinkies when you’re sad but that’s because it’s full of chemicals that trick our brains into thinking we’re eating what’s right until we find ourselves pushing out sludge the following day.

4. They work for something greater than themselves

When you’re younger, you want to throw yourself into experimenting with all kinds of stuff and prioritizing earning a baseline income. In this sense, you are selfish in your career choices, and that’s great. Over time, however, you just try doing everything for yourself and you alone and watch your soul gently fade.

It is enlivening to have a purpose that goes beyond you, even if it’s for your future family (that doesn’t exist yet). You needn’t do purposeful work for money either. It can be something you do on the side and gradually make more and more your main thing. Just make steps in this direction and feel your color return.

5. They care for themselves but aren’t attached

Energized people care for their bodies, and they avoid filling themselves with junk that crashes their mood and makes them sad. They also care about things like getting adequate rest and exercise. But there is a curious balance here, which high-energy people have mastered. This is in maintaining physical care while remaining unattached to who they think they are at the psychological level.

Most of us are uptight and frightened because we work hard to protect our self-image. Energized people are ok with not appearing perfect and think less about themselves. This allows energy to rise more effortlessly.

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6. They reaffirm their priorities daily.



Those who conserve more energy make a point of reconfirming the things that matter most to them daily as a habit. If we don’t, we end up being "yes people," dragged in nine directions at once, wondering why we’re so scattered and busy all day. If we don’t exert our control on our priorities, the day will seize control of us, and this is inevitably draining. Know what you want and reaffirm what is essential at every step. Say yes to what’s vital and no to everything else. It’s a continual work in progress, but it will keep your energy optimized.

7. They prioritize energy management.

To truly enjoy the highest energy levels, we must be intentional about doing what it takes. Energy management isn’t an option — it’s a lifestyle. We can draw up energy audits, which are lists that specify what things drain our energy and what things boost our energy. We need to be discerning and do our work here because many things apply to our energy optimization that don’t apply to others.

With this awareness, you will know what habits need to drop and what to do more of to boost your energy. You also ask yourself: "What activities tend to bring me to life?" Then, fill your life with more of that. Energy management doesn’t need to be more complicated than this. This is vital because who are you if you’re not thriving?

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient. 

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