6 Things The Smartest Women Do Daily To Achieve Elite Career Status

Reaching your dreams requires a combination of self-awareness and guts.

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The smartest women pursue career growth strategically. Life happens, and work-life creates challenges for women’s career growth. Because women are more likely than men to spend more time doing household chores and childcare, you may feel bogged down.

That’s why a strategy can help you focus and reach the elite goals you've always dreamed about: your own business, your own brand, a book deal, a record contract, or simply a position in the company of your dreams. 


When you think strategically to guide your planning, you can be realistic and thoughtful while working toward your biggest dreams. 

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Six mental strategies of the women who achieve elite status in their careers 

1. They don’t sweat the small stuff.

Learn to separate minor irritants from major issues or challenges. Don’t allow people to “push your buttons”. Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to manage your emotions and not allow them to overcome your reactions and interactions. Self-care means you let go of fallout from meaningless interactions that cause you to doubt yourself.


2. They develop thoughtful self-awareness.

Learn to look at yourself objectively. That means we must become aware of our emotions, self-talk, and who we are from another ‘s perspective. Being self-aware allows you to think about the situation with a clear head. Understanding who you are in these situations provides an opportunity to practice building your Emotional Quotient (EQ).

Successful leaders practice high EQ in their interactions. This doesn’t mean you don’t have emotions. It means you recognize emotions and make a clear decision about how to respond for your best health.



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3. They are aware of others' opinions.

The need for approval can derail your success. You need to be aware of other’s perceptions to hone your brand and sharpen your emotional quotient. Separate other’s opinions about you from their perception of you. It doesn’t matter if you think their perception of you is false. It is their perception.

4. They find tools and approaches that work for them.

Clean questions, "What do I want?" "What do I know?" "What do I need to learn?' These questions offer a chance to explore the situation from a clear perspective. Each challenge you face will present opportunities for you to grow and find the right path to success.

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5. They stay focused.

Frustrations, difficult people, and disappointing setbacks can wreak havoc with our sense of self and confidence. Don’t allow others to pull you off your course. Once you have determined where you want to grow, stay focused on your plan. Like any good hike, some obstacles and barriers may attempt to block your way, but when you stay focused with a clear mind and open heart, you can overcome them.




6. They commit to being flexible. 

Others' doubts and options are just that, their doubts and their opinions. Deborah Brown stated, “Not everyone will understand what you want to accomplish in your career. Maybe you want a new job but the people in your life tell you to forget about it and just be happy where you are. You want a new career but are told it doesn't make sense, or you won't make enough money.”

Some roadblocks may be insurmountable. That doesn’t mean that you give up your goals. You may need to adjust them and revise them as life happens.

Each time you meet a roadblock, ask yourself the clean question: “How does this alter my original plan?” It may simply mean you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Strategically determine what change you need to create the best opportunity for your dreams and aspirations.


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Sometimes your dreams or goals change based on new information. New experiences, relationships, and life events can alter how we think and feel about career growth. Sheryl Sandberg stated in her book, Option B, after the death of her husband: “Option A is not available, so let’s kick the heck out of Option B.” Option B is what you determine is best for you after Option A doesn’t work out.


Blaming others or frustrating doesn’t help you; it only hinders your clear thinking about the next steps after something thwarts your well-planned progress. Keep yourself on the path by following the six strategies outlined.

Remember to relax, take a deep breath, and ask yourself those clean questions to determine what Option B means to you. You may find Option B was the best path after all.

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Pat Magerkurth is a life/business coach who studied women in the workplace.