Teacher Admits She's 'Not Allowed' To Suspend Her Second Grade Students Even After They Tried To Break Into The Principal’s Office

The students lacked any concern or accountability for their disruptive behavior.

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A little rebellion in children is totally normal. But, a teacher was astounded by the behavior of two second-grade students who took their defiance to an entirely different level, attempting to break into the principal's office. 

The students demonstrated a complete disregard for authority, and the school could hardly do anything about it. 

Posting on Reddit, the teacher expressed serious concern about the extreme behavioral issues she witnessed among the two young girls, signifying a concerning future for Gen Alpha.


Considering the outpouring of teachers sharing their students’ outlandish and inappropriate conduct, it appears that many elementary kids are no longer being taught the significance of respect and manners. 

Sadly, if something doesn't change quickly, this can lead to a progressively anarchic shift in human nature.

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The anonymous teacher briefly detailed the half-hour-long incident she witnessed while working in the main office. "Two little second-grade girls in trouble told the gym teacher if the cops tried to arrest them for stealing, they would 'mace 'em and kick 'em in the nuts!' she recalled.

The students’ rebellious behavior only continued to escalate.

When the girls noticed a toy the school confiscated from them was in the principal’s office, they attempted to break in with an ink pen to reclaim it. Then, when this didn’t work, they pulled the fire alarm, likely seeking to instigate a school-wide rampage.

Luckily, their plan backfired, and the fire alarm only sounded off in the office. To this, the girls chalked up their behavior to ingenuousness, claiming it was just a joke and they “didn’t mean to.” 


Despite the girls’ absurd behavior and inappropriate language, all the principal could do was call their parents to pick them up.

When the principal finally got involved, the girls continued their blatant disrespect, swearing at her and demanding she leave them alone. The principal then called their parents in for a conference and instructed them to take the girls home.

“Usually around here, parents needing to leave their jobs to get their kids is no joke, so I imagine it was not a nice night for [the principal],” the teacher added. 

Surprisingly, calling the student's parents was all the principal could do. 

"By state law here, elementary students cannot be suspended," the teacher wrote. "If a student can't handle the room they are in, they get moved to a different classroom for the day, in a completely different grade level ... and are still expected to complete all work."


The research is clear. Suspending young kids for typical behavioral issues is counterproductive.

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Many school districts and states across America have banned suspension for elementary students, particularly those in preschool up to second grade. This decision is due to the belief that suspension is "counterproductive" and will only "make it harder for young learners to be able to stay in school," according to a TikTok posted by the ACLU of Nebraska

While this is a valid viewpoint, it also seems to enable these young students to act out with little to no consequences.

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Gen Alpha’s collective level of disobedience is becoming out of control, leaving many teachers fearful for the future.

Although most second-grade students aren't attempting to break into the principal's office, the girls' behavior was far from an isolated incident. This unruly behavior is becoming frequent, and teachers and staff have so little authority or control that they are losing the patience and willingness to help these kids.

The young generation is adopting such nihilistic values that nothing phases them. They act with hostility and overstep any authority that dares to intervene.

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Kids act out, and kids can be stubborn. But it’s getting to a point where students are unabashedly acting outrageously simply because they can get away with it, which points to a greater issue.


These patterns can be attributed to a trend that teachers have been drawing attention to for a while now — parents are not raising their kids with the level of discipline they require. Many of them are opting for a flawed form of gentle parenting, and this method is contributing to the downfall of their kids.

It’s unknown how often the girls described in the Reddit post misbehave or what kind of parenting they’re experiencing at home. Still, many Reddit users argued that their parents are likely to blame for their unacceptable conduct.

The behavior of Gen Alpha is only getting worse.

Teachers from every corner of the country are speaking out regarding the astonishing behavior they’re experiencing among their young students. At this point, there’s only so much teachers can do without draining themselves of all their energy to implement structure and order among their students.


With that being said, parents are responsible for utilizing their resources to redirect their kids from falling down a dark path that will only get worse with time.

At the end of the day, kids who can misbehave in such a manner with no remorse indicate their desperate need for attention and guidance, and this must come from the parent before anyone else.

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