The Sweet Reason Your Dog Tries To Open The Door When You’re In The Bathroom

They truly are our most loyal companions.

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A woman could not help but break down in tears when she learned why her dog always followed her into the bathroom, even when she tried to close the door. Despite her initial desire for privacy, once she uncovered the reasoning behind her loyal companion's insistence, she began welcoming her furry friend without hesitation.

If your dog exhibits similar behavior, you'll feel the same way, too! 

Your dog follows you into the bathroom for additional protection since they view you as a member of their pack. 

In a TikTok video, content creator Mel Williams tearfully explained why she will always allow her beloved Golden Retriever, Mav, to accompany her to the bathroom. 


“So I just finished crying because I learned a fact about everyone’s dogs,” she said. “You’re gonna want to hear this.” 



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Many dog owners know that when they make a trip to use the restroom, their furry friend is usually one step behind them and won’t let them go in alone. If you happen to shut the bathroom door before your dog can enter, they will most likely attempt to nose their way in or wait directly outside the door until you’re done. 


While you may find this slightly irritating and want a few moments to yourself, your dog is not trying to invade your privacy. In fact, they are actually trying to protect you. 

“Apparently, when wolves and wild dogs protect one another while one goes to the bathroom because when you’re going to the bathroom, you’re vulnerable,” Mel explained. “So they’ll stand guard. They’ll stand next to you to make sure no one attacks you.” 



Mel could not help but feel overwhelmed with emotion after realizing that Mav views her as part of his pack and is looking out for her. 


“You angel, I love you,” she said to her pooch. 

In her TikTok, Mel included adorable video clips of Mav keeping guard outside the bathroom door, sitting in the bathtub, and even wedging his paw underneath the door crack when he was unable to enter. 

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While research shows that pack mentality is certainly a reason your dog may follow you into the bathroom, it is not the only reason. 

Sometimes your dog may want to come into the restroom with you because they simply enjoy your company and associate your presence with positivity. 

“If every time you are with your dog, he gets affection or treats, he’s likely to [follow you around] more often,” Dr. Rachel Barrack, a licensed veterinarian, told Family Handyman.




Dogs also may follow you into the bathroom because they are curious. Your home is also their home, and they want to explore all the ins and outs. 

No matter why your dog follows you into the bathroom, ultimately, they adore you and just want to be by your side. Since privacy is not even an issue or concern of theirs, they have no problem sticking around, even during our revolting or vulnerable moments, including using the restroom. 


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