15 Signs You're Definitely An F-Girl

Because this type of behavior isn’t limited to men.

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It's hard to admit it, but women can be just as guilty of being jerks as guys are.

While men are called f-boys, women have gained the shameful title of f-girls.

Worried that you're one of the few women who hold that title? If you're doing these things, you might be an f-girl.

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Here are 15 signs you're definitely an f-girl:

1. Your life is all about hitting the clubs, getting bottle service, and dating arm-candy guys

Life isn't a music video, and chasing that kind of lifestyle will only lead to drama and poverty.

2. You've sent out mass texts for booty calls before

I'm not going to judge, but this is a sign that you really don't want a relationship, and that you might even be leading men on to get laid.

3. People have accused you of treating men as ATMs

Both men and women have a lot more to offer than just money. If money is your only criterion, you're probably an f-girl.


4. You're regularly called "heartless” for the way that you treat men

This isn't always a sign that you're an f-girl, but if both men and women are telling you that you're not treating people well, you might want to listen to them.

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5. Guys don't last more than a week with you before you get bored

Once you're bored of them, you ghost them and look for someone new.

6. You've used sex as a weapon to get what you want

This is never acceptable and it's a sign that you're being extremely manipulative. If there's anything that suggests you're an f-girl, it's this.

7. You can't do cuddling

Having sex? Yes. Cuddling? No. Cuddles don't do anything for you.


8. You ghost guys, then just call them back up when you decide you want them again

This is a classic f-boy action, and if you're doing it to guys you're not much better

9. You don't want to be seen in public with a lot of the guys you date

C'mon, girl! If you aren't proud to be with him, why would you lead him on or sleep with him? You're better than that.

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10. It's not that you don't believe in love, it's that you don't want it as part of the reason you date someone

F-girls don't date to find love, nor do they really show love. If the reason you date is to find a guy who has money, a large shlong, and the ability to give you a Pinterest-perfect life, then you might be an f-girl.


11. You're cavalier about cheating on boyfriends

This is a clear sign that you're an f-girl because only an f-girl would cheat on loyal guys.

12. You're OK with being a side chick

Once again, this kind of lack of ethics and self-centeredness is a tell-tale sign of being an f-girl. Being a side chick is never a good thing, and it's something that will hurt others who don't deserve to be hurt.

13. Other girls make a point to keep their love interests away from you

If your reputation precedes you, you're probably an f-girl.


14. You openly hate men and see them as objects

Just like how f-boys see women as objects that give them validation, f-girls objectify men by seeing them as stepping stones. If you have a natural disdain for guys and have no qualms about using them, you're an f-girl.

15. You're overall more concerned with appearances than reality

If you're chasing a Pinterest life with a guy without actually being interested in him as a person, you're an f-girl.

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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer based out of Red Bank, New Jersey whose work has been featured in Yahoo, BRIDES, Your Daily Dish, New Theory Magazine, and others.