7 Hidden Signs Someone Is Trying To Disrespect You

Someone is trying to undermine you, and they don't want you to notice...

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In both personal relationships and professional environments, we all come across difficult people that we find challenging to be around. You know the ones…

They annoy you, first. Then they disrespect you, getting under your skin and leaving you fuming, humiliated, or worse – killing your confidence. When this happens, it’s because that person has violated your dignity. Crossing the line of the conventional norms or just disregarding the boundaries you’ve established in that particular relationship.


Let’s look at these seven signs of disrespect and identify where this might be happening to you personally or professionally. As you read, notice what tension shows up in your body and how you react, as you consider who in your life might be the biggest offender.

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7 Signs Of Disrespect From Someone Who Wants To Undermine You 

1. Constant interruptions

Continual interruption in conversation is a sign your words are not being valued.

2. Neglecting your needs

When someone consistently ignores or minimizes your needs and feelings, it indicates a lack of respect.


3. Unreliable behavior

Consistently failing to keep promises or flaking on commitments can show a disregard for your time and effort.

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4. Inappropriate comments

Regularly making belittling comments about your personal attributes or professional contributions is a clear disrespect indicator.


5. Overstepping boundaries

Disregarding your privacy or personal space, such as going through your belongings or your phone without permission, is a major red flag.

6. Manipulative tactics

Employing guilt trips or gaslighting to question your reality undermines your self-esteem shows a lack of respect and violates your dignity.

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7. Public humiliation

Deliberately embarrassing you in front of others, whether through jokes or criticisms, is disrespectful and damaging to your confidence, value, and self-worth.

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The challenge is to assert yourself

After all, the more you let someone cross those boundaries without calling them on it, the worse the festering and fuming will become on your part. Eventually, it takes a toll on your self-esteem and self-worth which can crater your confidence.


As you assert boundaries with those around you, it teaches others how to treat you, fostering relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.

Whether at work or in your personal life, remember that you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and asserting your boundaries is a fundamental right—not a privilege.

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Michele Molitor, CPCC, CHt, is a certified coach, hypnotherapist, and co-author of the book  I Am Perfectly Flawsome - How Embracing Imperfection Makes Us Better. She coaches high-achieving professionals in reducing their overwhelm and reclaiming their self-confidence, calm, and clarity to create a thriving life and career.