20 Sentences That Will Give You More Emotional Control Than 95% Of People

How you think influences how you feel.

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I always used to think emotional control meant gritting teeth and trying to bottle in my rage.

Then, I wondered why I felt so out of control.

Over the years, I learned emotional control isn’t about ‘control’ at all.

It’s about habits of thinking. How you think influences how you feel and how ‘in control’ you are.

Here are 20 sentences that will give you more emotional control than 95% of people:

1. You don’t need ‘fixing’ — you need to chill out.


2. Chilling out means letting go of the perceived seriousness offered by your thoughts.

Twenty sentences that will give you more emotional control than 95% of people

Photo: Ron Lach/Pexels

3. When we buy into our thoughts, we literally become our thoughts because thoughts define our reality.

4. You can end your life or someone else’s in a split second if you don’t nurture emotional control.


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5. Those who remain calm when others lose their heads do not allow their thoughts to consume them.

6. People who stay remarkably calm no longer take things so seriously.

7. Life is not serious, but we can make it so in the wild theatres of our monkey minds.

8. All we need to know is that everything is ok as it is at this moment.

9. Processed stuff in your diet, as well as stimulants, absolutely reduce your emotional intelligence because they contribute to physical imbalance and inflammation.

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10. ‘Personality’ is an illusion we invent to comfort ourselves in our perceived limitations.

11. You are far more multi-faceted than you think, and because of this, you can stay calm in difficult situations.

12. You instantly have an advantage over most when you understand that your ‘personality’ is an illusion.

13. When your personality becomes moldable, so too are your inputs — and your results improve.

14. You aren’t ‘lazy,’ you just don’t have a clear system of steps to make it happen.



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15. Remaining calm when triggered is vital for success — and can be trained like any muscle.

16. Every time you act like a triggered ape when angry or frightened, you reinforce your ‘out-of-controlness’ — meaning that the more you breathe through your concerns, the more calm a person you become.

17. Calm people see the gap between a stressful thought and a brainless action.


18. Emotionally mature people don’t take their emotions seriously, but they are not robots — they are merely in touch with the wise energy existing beneath a whirlwind of frightened emotions.

19. The more physically relaxed you are, the more still your mind will be; the stiller your mind, the more positive your emotions will be.

20. The best way to calm the mind and body is to breathe slow, shallow breaths through the nose.

Twenty sentences that will give you more emotional control than 95% of people


Photo: Thirdman/Pexels

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.