21 Sentences That Will Make You More Persuasive Than 95% Of People

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There’s a distinct line that separates people who communicate to deaf ears, and those who rile up crowds with words that drip with a kind of catnip.

Writing well makes for a powerful online brand that will grow your tribe.

Here are 21 sentences that will make you more persuasive than 95% of people:

1. Use assertive language, even if you aren’t sure of the point — you say it like you’ve purged all the doubt.

2. People love to be entertained with humor where appropriate.

3. People are more interested in a larger-than-life version of you where you emphasize some of the characteristics that are unique and interesting about you.

4. Vary the lengths of your sentences to great texture, which leads to a more intriguing experience.

5. Publish what you create even if it isn’t perfect because the ultimate form of persuasiveness is showing up and shipping regularly.



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6. End your paragraphs and points with a hard-hitting final statement that ruffles feathers and/or motivates your reader.

7. Telling stories will engage the brain and make your words more persuasive and memorable.

8. Acknowledge your reader or listener where you can to show that you understand what they’re going through to deepen your connection.

9. Write about things that make you emotional and things that are often on your mind.

10. Use examples, including stories, images, and even anecdotes to add an extra layer to your point, which helps it lodge in the mind of your listener or reader.



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11. When you write or speak, find a way to relax into the flow of it so that readers connect to your living, breathing humanness.

12. It’s not about being superior to your readers, but about showing how you are human so they can see themselves in you.

13. Don't be afraid to upset some people because those who respond positively are more likely to be loyal.

14. Good writing isn’t about writing, it’s about stirring the soul of a reader.

15. Cut out every unnecessary word.



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16. Leave vanilla communications and topics for other people, and bring courage to everything you write.

17. Treat everything you write as an opportunity to change the world profoundly.

18. Appeal to all the senses by describing sounds, smells, scenes, colors, and sensations.

19. Say things few people dare to say, even if it makes you sweat a little.

20. Stick the knife in the wound by amplifying the pain before providing relief with a solution.

21. Your readers are scared and vulnerable and are craving a leader to take them from a known problem to a solution, so give it to them.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient. 

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