6 Rare Pieces Of Buddhist Wisdom That'll Make You A Better Person

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Buddhism is a religion of enlightenment.

Because of this, here are six pieces of Buddhist wisdom to apply to your everyday life.

Who knows, maybe you'll change for the better.

You can carry this wisdom with you and pass it along to your own children, or just simply to people that you love.

Maybe we can make a better world.

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Here are 6 rare pieces of Buddhist wisdom that'll make you a better person:

1. Live a life filled with compassion and positive action

Buddha wasn't the only religious leader who wanted you to be compassionate; you can find that teaching in others like Jesus Christ and Muhammed. It isn't just beneficial to the world, it's beneficial to your own spirit, too.

Compassion is critical to finding peace within yourself and taking care of yourself. And it may sound a little bit corny, but we all do better when we all do better.

2. Pay attention

It annoys me to hear people to prattle on about "waking up" because it's usually said in such a condescending way, but there's some validity to the idea of seeing the world for what it truly is. It requires mindfulness — that is, paying attention to the little things around you.

Many people don't ever learn how to do that. So wake up, live mindfully, and pay attention — whatever you want to call it. Just do it.

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3. Be the change

You may think it's an overused and maybe even cliché quote, but there's a reason you hear it all the time: it's among the most powerful of human thoughts. If you want to see a more peaceful world, be peaceful. If you want to see a healthier environment, plant trees. Whatever you want to see in life, do it.

4. Embrace your death

Death has become so taboo in the west. It's gotten to the point where we tell people who are dying of cruel, painful diseases that they're legally not allowed to end their lives comfortably. Being so freaked out about death doesn't enrich our lives.

Moreover, we're taught to plan for a future that isn't even promised to us instead of paying close attention to the moment we're in right now. If we ignore the end of our lives, we can't ever be happy.

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5. What you eat is important

What does food have to do with Buddhism? Buddhists understand that food plays such an important role in your life and that when you have a relationship with it, you can transform your life. Think hard about what you eat, where it's been, and how it got to your plate.

6. Relieve yourself of the "three poisons"

Buddhists believe that there are three poisons that lead you to negativity:

  • Greed
  • Hatred
  • Delusion

These three things are responsible for most of our unhappiness. If you experience any of them, take a deep breath and think hard about them. Consider your desire for money or your hate for an ex that treated you poorly. Does it get you anywhere? How can you work yourself out of it?

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