What You See First In This Visual Test Reveals How Type-A You Really Are

Who knew an optical illusion could determine how Type A you are?

how type a are you Christo Dagorov

Nobody relishes the idea of being someone who is high-strung. However stressed out, frustrated, or anxious we might get in life, it's like that's something we want to be known for being.

Sure, it's important to be professional and do your best, but if you're all about perfection to the extent that it takes away from other areas of your life... Well, you just might have a Type A personality.

Calling someone "Type A" is something people have been saying ever since the term was first coined, but do you know what it actually means? The Type A personality type, according to the science of personalities, is more competitive, highly organized, ambitious, impatient, and highly aware of time management and/or aggressive.


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If any of these ring any bells for you, there's a chance you might have a Type A personality. But if you're still wondering, there's a free Type A personality test you can take to find out for sure.

So, how Type A are you? If you're wondering if you have a Type A personality, you're absolutely in the right place.

This visual personality quiz is designed to help you quickly assess whether or not you're a Type A personality.

It couldn't be simpler. To take it, all you have to do is put aside three minutes. First, look at the optical illusion below. As you do so, pay close attention to the first thing in the image that catches your eye.


Once you've done this, scroll down and read about how what you saw reveals just how much of a Type A personality you really are.

type A personality quizPhoto: Christo Dagorov

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If you saw the leaves

If you saw the leaves first when you looked at this image, you are absolutely Type A.


You know you are; in fact, it's kind of weird that you took this test in the first place. Frankly, if they hadn't made the movie "Election" with Reese Witherspoon, your face could definitely be beside the definition of the word in any book or periodical.

My highly-strung friend, take a moment out every day that's just for you. Wait, who am I talking to? Schedule it in, just make yourself sit and be for five minutes every day. It will do you a whole big world of good.

If you saw the roots

If you saw the roots first when you looked at this image, you're probably a little bit Type A.

It's not the way you see yourself. After all, you aren't organized, you are forgetful, and those aren't exactly traits people associate with being Type A.


But the truth is your bit of being Type A comes from your general anxiety about life and yourself. Too often we hide behind labels like "Type A" to hide mental health issues, such as anxiety. Make sure that you aren't in more psychic pain than you have to be. There are resources for you out there.

If you saw the lips

If you saw the lips first when you looked at this image, you're in no way shape or form even remotely Type A.

You definitely knew it, too. Yeah, in fact, people who saw the lips probably didn't even bother taking this personality test in the first place, because finishing stuff is so not their bag to begin with.


It's fine to live and let live, but even the slightest bit of order in your outer life would almost assuredly make your inner life more ordered, too.

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