Mom Visiting Disney Hopes Whoever Stole Her Stanley Cup Gets As Sick As Her Child — ‘Why'd You Bring A Contagious Kid In Public?’

“I hope you enjoy it because it’s got my daughter’s contagious impetigo germs all over it."

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A mom took to social media to brag about the “joke’s on you” moment she had while visiting Disneyland with her toddler.

According to the mother, another guest stole her Stanley Cup while she set it down for a few moments. Whether it was an accident or on purpose, the mother wished them luck since her ill and contagious toddler had been sipping from the cup all day.

While she clearly wanted revenge on the cup thief, the majority of people wanted revenge on her for possibly spreading an illness in the theme park.


The mother said she hoped whoever stole her Stanley Cup would contract impetigo since her sick toddler was drinking from the cup.

When the mom of two decided to bring her children to Disneyland, she was aware that her toddler was recovering from impetigo.

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Impetigo is a highly contagious skin infection that affects the outer layer of the skin. It is most common during the summer months in young children between the ages of 2 and 5.

While impetigo can be annoying and itchy, it is usually not serious when caught early enough and treated with antibiotics. Still, if your children happen to catch it, it's best to keep them inside for a few days to prevent spread. 

This mother clearly did not receive that memo.

While visiting the theme park with her sick toddler, the mother set down her $50 Stanley Cup in ToonTown, an area specifically geared toward younger children. She was not expecting the cup to be snatched by another guest when she had her back turned.


“I hope you enjoy it because it’s got my daughter’s contagious impetigo germs all over it, so hopefully you steal that as well,” the mother said in a now-deleted TikTok video. “Good luck!”

While the mother appeared to be more concerned about Stanley Cup thieves in Disneyland, the majority of people were far more outraged over the fact that she could have started a wild spread of impetigo.

“Not only did you think this was the take, but you recorded it while walking down the middle of Disney with your sick child,” TikTok user @thesweetestependa responded to the mom with her own video.

“Why are you at Disney with your extremely contagious child? You know impetigo mostly affects infants and toddlers, correct?” 


The woman added that one of her earliest memories was when she contracted the illness while she was in nursery school.

“It was painful. I would not wish that on anybody’s child,” she said. “And the fact that you’re just out here willy-nillying with your child who is very contagious around other people’s children…”

She also noted that if another guest had willingly brought their sick child to Disneyland and the mother’s toddler had caught the illness, she would likely be outraged that someone else’s ignorance cost her child their health.

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The mother defended her decision by claiming that her daughter was not contagious by the time she took her to Disneyland since she was on antibiotics. 


Report me to the lord jesus. I need to repent.

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She also poked fun at those threatening to report her to the Board of Nurses since, ironically, her mother used to work as a nurse.

A nurse on TikTok explained why the mother may be right and how even if someone is being treated for impetigo, they may not be contagious.

“It’s infectious, but it’s not infectious if the lesions have crusted over,” user @itsthatnurse explained. “It is more infectious if the sores are still weeping.”


“We don’t know what this child looks like. We don’t know how their sores are or how long ago they got diagnosed with impetigo.” 

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According to the CDC and the Department of Public Health, individuals infected with impetigo can return to work or school 24 hours after starting antibiotics.

Since we do not know when the woman’s toddler started antibiotics, the nurse pointed out that we cannot accuse her of spreading the illness at Disneyland.


Still, if your child has been recently sick, it may be best to keep them at home instead of bringing them to one of the most crowded places on Earth.

One former Disney cast member urged parents to hold off on bringing their sick children to the parks until they are 100% recovered.

Cora Breilein, who worked as a Disney princess during a measles outbreak, claimed that nothing riles her up more than parents who take their sick children to public spaces other than a doctor’s office.

“She not only put the public at risk but put cast members at risk,” Cora noted. “I cannot tell you the amount of times, as a former cast member, the amount parents that would bring kids into my queue who were very clearly seriously sick that would be like, ‘oh, it’s just their allergies.’”

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No matter how much you or your sick children want to go to Disneyland, it is best to keep them at home for the sake of the tens of thousands of guests who attend the parks every day and the cast members who make the experience magical.

There will always be other days when you can visit Mikey Mouse. However, if he catches a serious case of impetigo, we may never get to meet him again!

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