Mom Says The School Dentist Scheduled Surgery For Her Kids Without Her Consent

A simple cleaning turned into a major concern.

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An angered mom revealed that her children were scheduled for surgery that she did not consent to after agreeing to have their school's dental program clean their teeth.

In a TikTok video, Alicia McQueen questioned if she was overreacting after getting upset that her children's school was trying to go above her head in a situation that she believes stemmed from them attempting to commit theft or insurance fraud.


Her kids' school scheduled dental surgery for them without her consent.

McQueen explained that in southeastern Kentucky, many schools offer programs for children who don't have access to healthcare, especially when it comes to dental work. Her children's school recently sent home a consent form saying that they were selecting certain grades and that her kids qualified for a free teeth-cleaning session.

"They have a dentist come out on this big tour bus, and they do free cleanings," McQueen said. She agreed to let her kids, who are both in the first grade, participate but soon after received a letter in the mail that both of her kids have abnormalities and that she would need to consent for them to have further treatment. 




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McQueen pointed out that this didn't make any sense to her since she takes her kids to their regular dentist every six months to a year, and they've never had cavities or tooth decay. The only teeth issues they've had, which isn't even an issue in the first place, have been their baby teeth falling out and adult teeth coming in. 

She decided to call her kids' school to ask further questions, but they explained they had no control over the situation and that she would have to wait for the dentist to call her back. When she finally connected with the right person, McQueen was told that her kids were going to need root canals, which, again, she was confused about since she knew her kids' teeth were healthy.


"She's like, 'We're gonna send home consent forms. I just need you to sign and put your insurance on it,'" McQueen continued. The procedures were supposed to be over a few days; they would need to be drugged and/or sedated, and they would have to miss school as well. She was also not allowed to be there when the surgery was happening, and she would be called after to pick them up.

She chose to contact her kids' regular dentist to get a second opinion about their teeth.

After taking her kids to their regular dentist, she was told nothing was wrong with their teeth. There were no signs of decay, tooth rot, or cavities, and McQueen was even shown scans to confirm. However, it didn't matter; her kids were still scheduled for surgery at their school's dentist.

"I get a call back from that school dentist telling me, 'We understand that we didn't get your consent forms, but your children are scheduled for surgery.'" McQueen was flabbergasted after hearing that this was all possible since she signed the original consent form for teeth cleaning, and she immediately informed the school that the dentist there was not allowed to touch her children.

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McQueen was then accused of not caring about her children's dental health, but she argued that she took her children to their normal dentist and was assured that they didn't need any kind of oral surgery. When she asked to see the scans from the school dentist that alleged cavities and tooth decay, she was refused access. 

"She  was like, 'All we need is your insurance information.' I get a letter sent home to me from the school board telling me that the days the dentist had my kids scheduled ... if they missed that amount of days, my kids will be in truancy and I would have to go to court," McQueen said, which only confused her even further.

McQueen deduced that the school dentist was trying to gain some money by using her insurance to perform unnecessary oral surgery on them. She pointed out that it didn't make sense that they would need to be put to sleep, and she wouldn't even be allowed in the room, which has never been the case at their regular dentist's office. 


McQueen claimed that she's 'hitting a brick wall' regarding her children's school dentist.

Seeking advice for how to move forward, McQueen explained in a follow-up video that she's tried multiple ways to fight for her children not to have oral surgery, but nothing has worked so far. Her kids' regular dentist's office can't go after the school dentist since the school has refused to release their information.

She has continually tried to contact her kids' school but has either been hung up on or put on hold. She even got a message requesting a meeting between her and their school about the health and safety concerns they have about her children under her care.



"Now, because I'm refusing to sign it, I'm the one that's gonna be investigated as to why I will not allow my children to be put to sleep without me present," she said. "The school is telling me the only way that they can release any type of information to me is by signing the consent form, which makes no sense."


McQueen is also unable to fight this legally because, after consulting with a lawyer, they can't do anything without the school's dentist's records and both their name and their practice's name. The lawyer would also need a record showing what is wrong with her children and why they need these procedures done, which is pretty much everything the school has refused to give her.

It's disheartening that McQueen is being bulldozed by her children's school and accused of being a bad parent. Fresh out of options, people suggested that she should start documenting everything that's been happening and explore further legal options. Others recommended that she get in contact with the Board of Education in her state, as there might be further information that can help in advocating for her children.

Despite what she's hearing from the school, McQueen has full parental autonomy over the decisions being made about her children, and there is absolutely no way they should be allowed to have any kind of surgery without her consent. Parents should always have a clear avenue to voice their concerns and play an active role in decisions affecting their children's health and education, no matter what.


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