A Man Tried To Put Down His 12-Year-Old Dog Because His Girlfriend Didn’t Like Her — Despite The Dog Being Healthy & Loving

All dogs deserve a loving home.

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All new relationships come with an adjustment period. After the honeymoon phase ends, the individuals within a couple have to figure out how to merge their lives. 

One couple had trouble doing so, all because the woman didn’t want to keep her boyfriend’s dog.

The man attempted to put down his 12-year-old dog because his girlfriend didn’t like her — even though the dog was healthy and loving.

Scarlett is an older pup in Arizona whose owner planned to euthanize her because his new girlfriend didn’t like having her around.


Apparently, the girlfriend wanted to get rid of Scarlett because the dog reminded her of her boyfriend’s ex-wife. 

@vedadogtraining She was going to be euthanized because her owners girlfriend said Scarlett reminded her of his ex wife🤡 Can you believe that?!? Scarlett is the most adoptable little old lady EVER!!! She is everyone’s best friend🥹❤️ All she wants to do is lounge around, have a snack, and play with her toys. She does great with male dogs her size.*no cats or small dogs If you’re interested in adopting Scarlett, fill out an adoption application in the link in our bio. Or comment “adopt” and I’ll send one over!! #adoptable #adoptasenior #seniordogs #adopt ♬ Too Sweet - Hozier

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While it can be difficult for someone entering into a new romance to accept that their partner had a past that didn’t involve them, insisting that they get rid of the canine companion they’ve had for over a decade just seems self-centered and cruel.

One has to question the owner, who was seemingly willing to give up his puppy love all because his new girlfriend wanted him to do so.

Lifestyle changes are a top reason why people give up their dogs. 

These changes can include relocating, finding a new job, getting divorced, or having a baby. 

@fixingtheboro Pets are our friends, our family, our companions, and we owe them a place to call home… forever. Not until we feel like it. Not until it's no longer convenient. If you cannot commit to forever, please do not get one. #dogsoftiktok #animalrescue #animalsoftiktok #adoptme #fixingtheboro ♬ original sound - Luca Martinez

According to the ASPCA, about 3.1 million dogs are surrendered to shelters in the U.S. every year. 


Around 390,000 dogs are euthanized, although this number has decreased in the last 10 years. The decline can be attributed to increased adoptions and higher numbers of strays being returned to their original homes.

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The ASPCA also noted that generalized “pet problems” are the main cause for people giving up their dogs, a reason that accounts for 47% of rehomed dogs. They define “pet problems” as a dog having behavioral issues, such as aggression. The definition also included dogs having unexpected health problems that the owner couldn’t manage or a dog growing larger than a pet owner could handle.

Each year, 2 million dogs are adopted. Out of the 810,000 animals in shelters who are reunited with their humans, 710,000 are dogs. 


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Scarlett is among the millions of dogs living in a shelter, waiting for a new, loving home. 

Despite her advanced age, Scarlett has no medical issues and no behavioral problems. As the dog trainer who posted Scarlett’s video on TikTok said, “She’s perfect.”

Luckily for the precious pooch, she’s not going to be euthanized after all. She’s currently in foster care and is up for adoption. The 12-year-old dog is looking for her new forever family.

@christiankenlee The Daviess County Animal Shelter is at capacity with dogs. Please consider adopting instead of shopping to save a life 💜#dogtok #dogsofttiktok #shelterpets ♬ Sad piano ballad (BGM / sad)(936782) - TrickSTAR MUSIC

“Scarlett is the most adoptable little old lady ever,” the caption of the TikTok read. “She is everyone’s best friend. All she wants to do is lounge around, have a snack, and play with her toys.”

Hopefully, Scarlett finds a new owner soon, someone who cherishes her sweet soul and wouldn’t be so easily convinced to give her away.


Our dogs should get the best care we can give them, no matter how old they are. Scarlett deserves a new life full of snacks, toys, and unending love. 

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