Man Believes That Every Father Should Get A Paternity Test For His Kids 'Just To Be Sure'

He insists that no woman can be trusted.

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After reading a story about a father discovering his child wasn't biologically his after seven years, a man advocated for all fathers to undergo paternity tests, regardless of the strength of their relationships with their children's mothers. 

He emphasized the importance of definitive proof over blind trust in a woman's word. 

However, his girlfriend holds a different perspective on the matter.

The man said that every father should get a paternity test for their children ‘just to be sure.’ 

The man’s girlfriend of three years shared their disagreement on the subreddit r/relationship_advice. The 27-year-old woman revealed that her 29-year-old boyfriend’s proclamation came after he read a story about a man learning that his 7-year-old daughter was not biologically his. 


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The father eventually abandoned his wife and child without any financial support. 

“My boyfriend expressed agreement with the man's actions, stating he would have done the same,” the woman wrote.  “He pointed out the importance of paternity tests to avoid raising someone else's child.  He continued by saying that nowadays, you can’t be sure of anything as all women are h-es.” 


When the woman asked her boyfriend if he would ever subject their child, should they ever have one together, to a paternity test, he answered yes. 

The woman said that she could not help but feel hurt by her boyfriend’s admission.

Ultimately, his opinion meant he didn't and would never trust her.

“He would often express some sort of hatred for women, claiming they couldn't be trusted,” she shared. “ At the time, I brushed it off, thinking it stemmed from past trauma or negative experiences. Now, I worry that his general hate towards women might also include me.” 

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She claimed that she has never given her boyfriend a reason to believe that she would ever be unfaithful. 

She insisted that her relationship was not one where her boyfriend should be concerned about the paternity of their hypothetical children and asked if his request was reasonable. 

Most people believed that the man’s demand for paternity tests and his perceptions of women in general should be enough for his girlfriend to leave him. 

“He told you what he really feels/thinks. This means he thinks you're a [expletive], too,” one Redditor commented. “I would not want to date this person. He hates you because you're a woman.” 

“I read this and thought, ‘Girl, what additional sign do you need to dump him?’” another user wrote. 


“He assumes everyone cheats… this says a lot about HIM,” another user noted. 

Even if the man believes that every father should require a paternity test to prove that their children are biologically theirs, his opinion does not reflect that of all fathers. 

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Those in loving, secure, and healthy relationships likely never feel the need to question their children’s paternity and demand proof of it. 

However, when there’s doubt and uncertainty in the relationship, and you have reason to suspect that your partner may have cheated, a paternity test provides conclusive evidence, resolving any doubts and ensuring accuracy in familial relationships.

There are other reasons paternity tests may be necessary other than a suspicion of infidelity. 

Paternity tests are often required by courts to establish legal parentage for matters such as child custody, child support, and inheritance rights. 

They may also be beneficial in medical cases where medical history or genetic conditions are relevant. Knowing the biological father's identity through a paternity test can be crucial for diagnosing and treating genetic disorders or determining risk factors.


Submitting children to a paternity test is something that both parents should discuss and be able to agree on. 

The man’s demand for a paternity test may stem from his own insecurities and trauma from past relationships where cheating was involved. 

Instead of insisting on such tests for his children, the man could benefit from opening up about trust issues with his girlfriend, seeking professional help to work on his issues, and having honest conversations with his girlfriend. 


Given that they do not even have their own children, they are not quite at the stage of discussing paternity tests yet! 

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