8 ‘Inconsequential’ Things You Do That Make You Seem Immature

These habits give the impression that you lack life experience.

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Hey kids, listen up. It’s time for Alex to enter dad mode. I’ve made enough mistakes in this life to know where I held myself back from seeing more wins, better relationships, and more business successes. A lot of it was based on what I did not do, rather than what I did do. 

Here are 8 ‘inconsequential’ things you do that make you seem immature:

1. Not answering the question

I can tell you with some confidence that if you’re the kind of person who skirts around a clear answer to a question or fails to answer the question entirely, it's not a great look. It’s either a yes, a no, or a defined answer with details that are specific to the question. Your being wishy-washy suggests immaturity.


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2. Sluggish manners

I’m not about to instruct you to improve your manners but basic good nature, small talk skills, and courtesy around people, no matter your mood should be a given. If you can’t observe this foundational human feature, you may appear rude and socially immature.

3. Rushing

There is an optimum speed at which things are done. If we go too fast, in an attempt to cheat the pace of reality, we sabotage ourselves. Rushing makes things hard. And so, when you rush your actions and your speech, you appear naive, and not yet at ease with your surroundings.


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4. Cutting into conversation

If we’re in a conversation, we must both honor each other’s requirement to have our words heard. Cutting into my sentences before I finish reminds me of a kid stealing my food when I’m not looking. It’s a cheap move that’s not only disrespectful, but it sends this message loud and clear: I lack belief in my own words.

5. Passive-aggression



I get it. Confrontation is hard. But often we need to have tough conversations if we are to get ahead. Those who avoid bold communication, and instead use indirect ways to make their point heard, like the silent treatment, appear weak and childish.


6. Being chronically late

I don’t care what culture you’re from, and what other excuses about "personality" you’ve conjured up to validate your continual lateness. Being late is straight-up disrespectful and will make others increasingly resentful. It also makes you out as an amateur. If you want to form bonds with people who value their time, never be late.

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7. Cloudy communication

I have had enough experience talking to people and reading emails and texts to know that I instantly respect those who communicate for comprehension. This means cutting out unnecessary superfluous fluff from what you say. It means being aware of — and avoiding — ambiguity. If I need to keep asking you for clarity, I am dying inside.

8. Reacting with anger



Have you ever barked at someone or responded with annoyance and were then pleased that it happened? Likely not. Regret often follows thoughtless reactivity. We regret our angry flashes because they are immature. You must learn to breathe when triggered. This is a sign of emotional intelligence and will garner respect.


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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.