If You Have These 10 Things, Your Life Will Be Complete

Seize the moment.

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If your life feels incomplete or like something is missing, you're not alone. Everyone feels dissatisfied from time to time, but the key is not allowing the discontent to take over. Instead, evaluate your life and implement the necessary changes to take back control.

If you have these 10 things, your life will be complete:

1. The understanding that you do not need anything 

You can have more if you want, but you do not need it to be happy. You can be happy now. You already have moments like this. Your life is complete already, it just may not contain everything you want yet. (Ironically, that means all the next points are merely bonuses and not requirements.)


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2. The courage to pursue what you want 

It is not easy to fight for what you want, for if you try you could fail, but you can also succeed, you can make it happen, and just the attempt gets you to feel like you are giving your life your all.


3. The honesty of being tough on yourself 

Not many people can push themselves, and even fewer can be tough enough on themselves to be loving and honest when it is necessary. Tell yourself what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

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4. The ability to show unconditional love 

Love should not be bound to a need, expectation, or condition. It should be freely given or not at all. This includes love for others as well as self-love. Accept yourself and others for who they are and then love them anyway.

5. The willingness to walk away 

You have the option to walk away from anything and everything that no longer benefits you at any point in time. Be that walking out of a movie theater or a relationship. You must prioritize a better life.


6. The readiness to face pain 

Rather than running from it, hiding in distractions or entertainment, or trying to minimize the pain, face it head-on. Stand in the face of fear and pain so that you learn from it and do not experience it again.

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7. The drive to play the game 

We are all playing a capitalistic game. Either you learn how money works, and how the game is played, or you quit. You are not doing yourself any favors by not understanding the rules of the game.

8. The commitment to health

Without your health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), you have nothing. Make sure you take care of yourself, body, mind, and spirit so that you can live your life.


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9. The presence of the moment

Life happens now. It is good enough now, but you need to live it. Invest in this present moment in time, not into tomorrow or next week, but into today. Today can be the best day of your life if you just own it and live it fully, for tomorrow will never be the day you expect it to be.

10. The passion for happiness

Again, not because you need it, but because you want to get the best out of your life. Improve your life because you want to lead a better life, not because you have to. Commit to yourself and your happiness and do whatever you can to maximize the joy you feel.


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