How To Be Street Smart, According To Reddit & TikTok

Invaluable tips to help you stay safe.

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Unfortunately, in today’s world, knowing how to be street smart is a necessity.

When you think of someone who is street smart, you likely imagine someone who’s able to get themselves out of sticky situations with seemingly little effort and who can easily navigate through life independently.

While some people seem to be born with this trait, others aren’t so lucky. If you feel like you’re lacking in street smarts, you’re not the only one. In fact, a viral TikTok based on Reddit a thread is an example of just how many people could use a little help when it comes to common sense on the street.




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So for those who need to gain some insight on how to protect yourself from both emotional and physical harm while you’re out there in the world, here are a few tips for how to be street smart. 


How to Be Street Smart

1. Be aware of what’s in your pockets.

2. Head to the nearest hotel in a pinch.

3. Keep your belongings in sight.

4. Use windows to your advantage.

5. Don’t venture anywhere you don’t see women and children. 

6. Test new guests in your home.

7. Always wear the right shoes.

8. Don’t be afraid to put up a fight.

9. Don’t stare at your phone while walking.

10. Be aware of your surroundings.

11. Don’t stop for anyone.

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12. Don’t do all the talking.

13. Know what to say if you need help.

14. Talk to the locals.

15. Don’t believe everything you hear.

16. Trust your instincts.

17. Always look both ways.

18. Don’t talk about money in public.

19. Always know where you are.

20. Keep your head up.

21. Don’t get involved.

22. Use one earbud for directions.

Many street-smart people mentioned that you don’t want to be seen looking at your phone for directions. One TikTok commenter suggested placing one earbud in your ear to listen for the directions so you’re not actively seen doing so.


23. Don’t fall for diversions.

“My tip: if someone yells ‘you dropped your money, phone…etc,’ don’t check your money where you stored it; it will make it easier for you to get robbed,” wrote one person on TikTok.

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