An 8-Week Experiment Reduced The Biological Age Of 6 Women By An Average Of 5 Years — How They Did It

Adopting certain eating and lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on our biological age.

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A stunning experiment delving into how diet and daily habits can impact, and even reduce, age is trending online, and the results obtained from this experiment can drive a significant change in how women care for themselves. 

Dan Go is a high-performance coach who goes by FitFounder on X. He shared the results of the experiment in a thread.

The eight-week program modified the diets and lifestyles of six women, reducing their ages by an average of five years. 

In the experiment, the women aged 45-65 were given a protocol for adjusting their food consumption, supplements, sleep, exercise, and stress management.


One woman was miraculously able to reverse her biological age by 11 years. 

8-Week Experiment Reduced The Biological Age Of 6 Women By An Average Of 5 Years Photo: MixMedia / Canva Pro

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Go explained the difference between chronological age, which is “how long you have existed” and cannot be altered, and biological age, the age of your cells, which can be controlled and reversed. 


The researchers calculated the women’s biological ages using Dr. Steven Horvath’s epigenetic clock, which measures 353 DNA methylation markers that change with age and are present within the body.

Within the eight-week period, the researchers instructed the women to consume a diet of greens, vegetables, seeds, and liver. They also consumed foods supporting DNA methylation, such as berries, garlic, and tea.

The women also had to incorporate certain habits into their daily routines.

They were given various lifestyle adjustments, such as getting seven hours of sleep a night, taking probiotics, drinking enough water, exercising often, and doing regular breathwork.


Intentionally adding these habits to your routines as often as possible will help you achieve their benefits.

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This experiment is not the first evidence that these healthy routines can contribute to a longer life and combat health complications. According to Healthline, environmental factors have a significant impact on life expectancy. In the same way, unhealthy habits, such as overeating, smoking tobacco, and excessive alcohol intake, can increase the risk of premature death; the opposite is true.

While the experiment studied mostly healthy women, one woman in particular had a higher biological age than her chronological age at the start of the experiment. By following the protocol, she reduced her biological age by nearly four years. The researchers found that women with a higher biological age than their chronological age are actually at risk for developing chronic diseases, which is all the more reason to take action now.

Additionally, researchers emphasized that "positive lifestyle factors as well as effective medical treatment correlate with a reduced biological age" for individuals who struggle with chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

8-Week Experiment Reduced The Biological Age Of 6 Women By An Average Of 5 Years Photo: Vlada Karpovich / Canva Pro


Go explained that none of the women stayed consistent with these routines. Still, those who adhered to the protocol 82% of the time saw the most significant improvements in their biological age, while those who adhered the least saw little to no changes.

In fact, researchers did not require the women to follow the protocol 100%, as the experiment was conducted during the holiday season, a time when it’s challenging for anyone to stick to their routines.

Rather, they aimed to highlight the difference that making any positive effort toward health can have.

This experiment serves as a reminder that small changes can have a significant impact.

Often, people don’t bother implementing healthy routines into their lives because they’re difficult to maintain, and especially after a certain age, they might believe it's too late.


Remarkably, these studies have confirmed that it's never too late to prioritize health, but the sooner you take action, the more improvements you'll have.



No one needs to be perfect to improve health and longevity, but through this experiment, researchers have proven that some effort can still make a huge difference in our bodies.


The point is that people need to take care of their bodies to live happier, healthier lives and help prevent any health complications that may surface later on.

No matter how many years you can reduce your biological age, we can only live for so long. It’s important to make the most of this time through fulfilling lives that inspire and empower us.

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