7 Wardrobe Essentials For Kids This Fall

A guide every parent needs.

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It’s that time of the year again — the time of year many parents dread: buying clothing for the school year and autumn. There’s no doubt that clothes shopping can be exciting, but it is often stressful.

Picking out a wardrobe means finding new shoes and clothes, but when parents hunt like hawks for the best sales on school essentials, it can still feel overwhelming to stay in the loop with the latest trends, especially when, on top of being money-conscious, children are being influenced by social media and their peers.


Children have worries of their own, too, whether it's finding clothing that fits them comfortably and makes them feel confident in themselves, or hoping to find perfect outfits to make this season one to remember.

To top it all off, if your child goes to a school where uniforms are required, where are you going to get them? With a school uniform shortage, many stores aren't carrying these styles.

Luckily, OshKosh B’gosh, a brand dedicated to offering style-conscious kids everything they need, from ages baby to 14, is here to help. And the best part? They are offering up to 50% off the entire site!


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Get the best outfits OshKosh has to offer.

7 Wardrobe Essentials For The School Year

1. Jeans

Jeans are a basic essential, and OshKosh offers many different styles for your child. Your child can use their intuitive creativity to dress themselves for each school day.

OshKosh is having a great sale, with most styles up to 65% off!

Girls have their pick of styles and fits. There's a Skinny style, which is an everyday slim fit with a slight stretch; a Super Skinny style, an ultra-skinny style made with super-stretchy denim.

But if she's not looking for something too tight, OshKosh also offers a Relaxed style for girls, which gives a more laid-back look. There’s also the Girlfriend style, which is tapered at the leg and is only offered in mid-rise. She can also choose jeggings, the quick pull-on option for girls on the go.


All styles come in various fits of high-rise, mid-rise, slim, plus, boot-cut, and ankle flare.

And what’s great about OshKosh is that they offer the same styles for girl toddlers so they can be just like their big sis!

oshkosh bgosh toddler denim jeans

For the boys, OshKosh has a variety of options to pick from. OshKosh offers a Skinny style that has a slim fit with just enough stretch, or, if he wants an everyday go-to, Straight style is available in regular and carpenter fits.


Then, there's the Classic jean for a casual laid-back look with slim and husky fits. Boys can choose a Relaxed style that fits easy and wears cool, which is available in tapered and boot-cut. Finally, for the fashion-forward boys, OshKosh offers a Fashion style that includes knit denim joggers.

And if he has little brothers in the toddler age range, OshKosh offers the same styles in their sizes!

oshkosh toddler jeans

School isn’t just for the kiddos, and OshKosh agrees — that’s why they also have a good selection of denim jeans for baby girls and baby boys.


Make the most of OshKosh's offer of up to 65% off!

2. Denim

Most of OshKosh’s denim products are jeans, but they do offer other unique items that can bring a wow factor to your kids’ school wardrobe. Because what's more fashionable than denim?

oshkosh kids denim

OshKosh has a good selection of denim attire like jackets and their iconic overalls, but if that isn't your child's style, there are plenty of other options.


Kids can choose from denim dresses, bodysuits, onesies, and even button-ups.

oshkosh kids denim

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3. T-Shirts

T-shirts are a fun addition to any kid’s wardrobe, and the options OshKosh has to offer are fun, stylish, and feature a variety of themes.


These T-shirts help express what your kid is into or passionate about, and can even help them form friendships with kids who have the same interests.

oshkosh tshirts

OshKosh offers many styles of character and fan T-shirts for your kids to wear, whether it's "Rugrats," "Transformers," "Star Wars," "Frozen," or their favorite sports team, to name only a few.

Get these awesome graphic tees for up to 44% off during OshKosh's doorbuster sale!


4. School Uniforms

The school uniform is something that introduces structure, routine, and discipline in a child’s life. It can give an equal standing in school and relieve the pressure of keeping up with trends.

If your child goes to a school that requires a uniform or just wants to wear one, OshKosh has all the essentials needed to make that happen.

OshKosh has its very own Uniform Shop! In it, you can find Polos of several colors both short- and long-sleeved. There are also uniform button-ups in both short sleeves and long sleeves to adapt to weather conditions.

oshkosh school uniforms


Polos are up to 65% off — save big and stay fashionable!

For the girls, they can add on several accessories to make their uniform a bit more "them." Along with dresses and skirts, there are pack sets available to save money, which includes either two dresses or two skirts.

OshKosh also has a round-up of appropriate shoe attire like Mary Janes, sneakers, and ballet flats. All of which can be found in toddler sizes as well.

OshKosh adds on fun accessories for the boys, too! These include spunky suspenders, bow ties, and handsome belts.

Appropriate shoes are available for purchase: sneakers, slip-ons, boat shoes, and uniform shoes. Toddler sizes are also available to keep the whole family stylish.


5. Athleisure

One of the most popular trends going on now is athleisure wear, which OshKosh has a good selection of for every age!

Toddler girls even get to be a part of the fashion trend.

oshkosh girls athleisure wear

Girls, especially, have an enormous selection of athleisure wear at OshKosh.

The most popular options are the matching outfits of leggings and front-tie knot tops, which come in floral and fruit prints, along with a few stripes and color options.


oshkosh girls athleisure wear

The best part is that this style trend can be worn anywhere! We love versatile clothing — and so do parents.

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6. Shoes

Every year kids grow, and every year new shoes are essential. Parents want shoes that will function for their kids, and that’s why OshKosh is your best bet when it comes to buying new shoes.

The versatility will help keep the shoes last all school year long, and if your kid doesn’t grow that much, maybe longer.

oshkosh boys shoes

OshKosh is looking after parents’ wallets! Save up to 25% off on select shoes.


If your kid wants to take a break from sneakers, OshKosh has strappy shoes and flip-flops, along with bright rain boots for splashing around. There are stylish ankle boots, riding boots, classic boots and duck boots for the fall season, and sandals to finish out the summer in style.

Sneakers and slip-on shoes are available in various colors that are great for both school and play.

7. Accessories

What are clothes if there are no accessories? It's a good thing OshKosh has a killer selection of exciting accessories!

Whether it's socks, headbands, hats, or mittens for wintertime, let your kids pick their favorites of each. Kid-friendly jewelry is also available, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and hair clips.


oshkosh girls accessories

Save up to 35% off on select packs of socks!

And if that isn't great enough, there are backpacks and water bottles, which feature all kinds of animals, a new hot item!

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