Curvy Woman Who ‘Just Wanted To Have Fun’ At Disneyland Felt Judged By Strangers Because Of The Size Of Her Body

It's supposed to be the happiest place on Earth, not the most critical.

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A model said that her trip to the happiest place on Earth became one of her worst memories after she claimed that other parkgoers poked fun at her physical appearance.

Now, she is encouraging people not to be so quick to judge and to respect others around them no matter their body type so that no one ever feels the shame she felt on what was supposed to be a fun day.

The ‘curvy’ woman said she felt judged by strangers as she ventured around Disneyland.

Gracie Bon, a 27-year-old model from Panama, decided to spend the day at Disneyland with her siblings. She asked them to capture the day as she posed in front of the castle and enjoyed a famous Disneyland churro.


However, her memorable footage was soiled when she looked back at it and noticed strangers in the background appearing to make fun of her noticeable curves.

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Bon turned heads in nearly every shot, with strangers gasping, doing a double-take, laughing, and even whipping out their cameras to record her as she strolled by.

Now, she wants everyone to know that it is time to stop body shaming. “I wanted to have fun with my siblings, but our day was ruined by all the people that were making fun of the size of my body,” she shared on TikTok.

“The worst part is that they teach their kids to do the same.” 

Bon said that other parkgoers took photos of her, gave her dirty looks, and laughed at her as she walked by.

However, she said that she did not let the experience ruin her trip and that it shouldn’t affect anyone else’s either.


“This is literally what God gave me, and I have to embrace every single part of me,” she said.

She encouraged others to refrain from judging and taunting others based on their physical appearance and simply just go about their day. “This should be a safe place where everyone feels comfortable, and I wasn’t doing anything, just existing,” Bon said.

With over three million followers, Bon is no stranger to criticism and compliments alike. Her socials are filled with images and videos showcasing her life and her message of inclusivity.

“I just wanted to have fun like everyone else. If you don’t like something, stop hating and keep it for yourself.” 


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Others offered words of support and wisdom to Bon.

"I’m sorry people can be so cruel and judge so harshly when they have no room to judge. You are beautiful," one Instagram user commented

"Don't worry at all. You are beautiful just the way God made you! People are just jealous that you are so beautiful!" another user wrote. "Please stay strong and straighten the crown," another added. 

A theme park is supposed to be a place where one can take a break from reality with their loved ones and enjoy their day. They should not have to worry about strangers' remarks regarding their bodies, especially when they don’t know someone’s story.


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If you happen to notice someone who does not look like the standard body type that you envision, simply mind your own business and go about your day.

There is really no need to go out of your way to shoot them a scowl or make an ill-mannered comment, especially if you’re in the happiest place on Earth!


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