20 Clear Signs You're The Child Of Toxic Parents

Their results of your parents' poor behavior can affect you for the rest of your life.

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Children are often encouraged and taught to explore the hidden and uncharted by parents that support and love them unconditionally. But is this a true reality always?

A lot of children these days, young or old, are often controlled incessantly by toxic parents that are fearful of results. These parents often are dominating, abusive, and anxious about what may become of their children.

Some children may feel the need to outgrow interference and control and only seek guidance from their parents. But is this always possible?


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Many parents invade and manipulate, frequently dominate, and verbally abuse their children.

Here are 20 telltale signs you're the child of at least one toxic parent.

1. Your parent refused to respect your boundaries as a child.

2. Your parent joked about or belittled you for things that a child is naturally insecure with, such as weight, income, and relationship status.

3. Your parent was always the first priority and you always came second.



4. When your parent was upset, they used passive-aggressive behavior in response.


5. Your parent gave the silent treatment to one child and elevated another child as the better of the two.

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6. Your parent criticized you socially and did not provide support, compliments, or even encouragement in times of dire need.

7. You struggled to show negative emotions and cried in silence, feeling there could be unnecessary shame in revealing your true feelings to your parent.

8. You thought your parent would behave differently if you were just better, smarter, or more successful.

9. Your parent intentionally made you feel guilty when they did not get the desired results from you.




10. When you accomplished something you hesitated to share it with your parent, fearing they would be critical of your excitement.

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11. Your parent often demanded praise and attention from you.

12. You were child forcefully made to participate in activities that only interested your parent.


13. Your parent taught you to be respectful through fear and intimidation.

14. You have authority issues in adulthood and have tendencies to be both submissive and inappropriately rebellious.



15. Your parent used money and guilt to manipulate you. You may be constantly reminded of how much you “owe” to your parent.


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16. Your parent often said they had really always wanted to be childless.

17. Your parent often blamed you for their own inappropriate reactions and bad behavior.




18. As an adult you feel terrified to own up to mistakes publicly.

19. Your parent tough love was an affirmation of love and security.

20. As a child you rarely tried new things or took risks because you were afraid of failing, no matter what the condition.

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