The Image You See First In This Visual Test Reveals If You Can Trust Your Friends

the last breath by Hanna Jaeun

Nobody sets out to make friends with a person who they can't trust.

In addition to having shared common interests, whether or not a person is trustworthy is usually one of the factors we consider (consciously or unconsciously) when we decide whether or not a person in our lives is an enemy, an acquaintance, or a friend and trusted member of your inner circle.

Why does that matter? Because we all need someone in our lives who we can turn to and share the intimate details of our lives, those personal secrets you need to know are safe from nosy nellies.

Unfortunately, when we make a friend it's not like we can make them sit down and take a polygraph test. Even if we could, asking someone to do that isn't exactly something that's going to endear you to them.

So instead, we are forced to trust our gut and hope for the best, which can lead to a happy ending, but it can also lead to feelings of major betrayal when someone we thought we could trust proves themselves unworthy of your friendship.

How to beat this vicious cycle? Take this quick visual personality test, of course. If you have a friend and you think they might not be as trustworthy as they ought to be, this fast and easy test is perfect for you.

Take this visual personality test to reveal if you can trust your friends.

All you need to do is look at the image below and take note of the first thing in it that catches your eye. Then, scroll down to find out what the first thing you saw in this personality test reveals about how trustworthy your friends really are.

Photo: "The Last Breath” by Hanna Jaeun

1. If you saw the haloed bird

If the first thing you saw was the haloed bird, your friends are absolutely trustworthy.

That's because you make it your business only to hang out with people who have high moral standards.

You might not have hundreds and hundreds of friends, but the few that you have you know that you can trust utterly. Other people might think you're a loner, but that's not the case, you just expect a lot from the people around you.

Never doubt the people you've chosen to be your friends.

2. If you saw the bleeding snake

If the first thing you saw was the bleeding snake, your friends aren't entirely to be trusted.

You may have one or two who you can reliably turn to when you are feeling vulnerable, but the problem is, you don't always know who they are. You're a charismatic person and you attract lots of people and it isn't like you to push people away.

But when it comes to trust, you should rethink that. Because not everyone who smiles to your face really wants to be your friend.

3. If you saw the ghostly hands

If the first thing you saw was the ghostly hands, most of your friends are people to be trusted, but there is one person in particular who you have doubts about — and you're right to be suspicious.

This person may like you, but they don't respect you and they definitely can't be trusted with any secrets you might have on hand. If you want this to change, you'll need to have a real conversation about your concerns or you'll never be able to move forward.

Rebecca Jane Stokes is an editor, freelance writer, and the former Senior Editor of Pop Culture at Newsweek. Her bylines have appeared in Fatherly, Gizmodo, Yahoo Life, Jezebel, Apartment Therapy, Bustle, Cosmopolitan, SheKnows, and many others.